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Why should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 and not another smartphone?

The two biggest competitors, Samsung and Galaxy, come with their own variations given the supremacy of one over the other, although if someone would ask me, my choice is very simple: the two have totally different concepts. I will share my perspective over the two phones, and my arguments for buying Samsung and not Apple.

Here are the reasons to buy Samsung and not Apple: first phone has larger display, a tremendous processing power, and has many features that can make it a great device, but still very complex, depending on the perspective from which we analyze it.

If you want to bet on one of the two phones, here are the options: first, to compare two hardware that you have, then compare the software that come installed, and third, but not least, support and maintenance enjoyed by buyers.

Why buy Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware and lifetime of the battery: this smartphone is equipped with a 600 quad core Snapdragon processor, even if in the U.S. version will not appear Exynos about Octa and nobody can say with certainty how many of the 8 cores really works in practice.

The superiority of Samsung is given by the fact that: memory is double (2GB), his camera is better on paper, altgough more megapixels does not mean better quality image. Memory difference between the two is very large, so we can say with confidence that micro sd card slot you have on Galaxy 4 is at least one generation over the iPhone's.

Worth mentioning everything in terms of why to buy Galaxy S4: because its battery life is twice as long, even as it is about twice the size of an iPhone battery, his double size not automatically guarantees that its lifetime will still be double. In future posts I will tell you where to buy more advantageous Samsung Galaxy S4 and why it's worth buying!

Most important: