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The Samsung's Galaxy S4 Hardware

The expected full HD display with a resolution of 1920x1080, over 5 inches, edge to edge embedded technology and flexibility that will allow it to be bent, all these technical details only show that technological revolution has just began.

The technology used for this dispay will be an active matrix organic light emitting diode that has organic components which together form the electroluminescent material, popular known as pixels.

This mean that Samsung is finally able to compete with Apple in terms of accuracy of the image and quality. It is known that the OLED technology does not shine so strong.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a very powerful processor, like the one on the Samsung's tablet, a quad core, 2 Ghz, more powerfull that the one Samsung Galaxy S3 has. His score would be even better than the one similar phones like LG already has it.

My biggest curiosity now remains how the technology for recognition of eye movements work for accessing menus or scrolling a document. However, if Samsung has managed to equip this phone with this amazing features, it will have a lot to gain.

Most important: