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Other Specifications about Samsung Galaxy S4

For several months we are assaulted by rumors regarding the 14th March, 2013, launch. Clients already want to know how the new phone will look like, but, also, what are the technical specifications for it.

Thus, the rumors say that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will have even 5GWi Connections, this means that browsing speed will be as great as that obtained by cable.

It will also have Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radio, which will only make it more pleasant to use for all ages.

The quad core processor is customized by Samsung to be smaller and faster, thus ensuring obtaining high performances in complex applications using.In any case the processor will be better than the Galaxy S3.So new processor and better performing. The processor will consume less energy, savings for longer time battery life.

Experts in mobile devices are expecting to see a screen with more than 5 inches, that looks more like Note, than the Galaxy S3.

I expect Samsung would remain a leader in specs.

Most important: