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Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 at T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, and Sprint

Many people are fascinated by the new last generation smartphone from Samsung, especially for the soft features, aming the strongest seems to be the eye scrolling feature!
Anyway, many of you are interested to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, but nobody knows exactly from where and when to get it in United States! So, at short time after this mobile device was launched, many US mobile operators annouced on them official websites new pre-order web pages for this smartphone.

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the first US mobile operators that opened a dedicated web page for Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders is T-Mobile. Also, other mobile operators are ready to get pre-orders for the new S4: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular.

When and for what price can you get an S4?

The most probable in a month will arrive first offers as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4, bundle or with yearly plans. The prices for an unlocked S4 smartphone will be arround $800, and for yearly plans the most mobile operators from USA will create offers at prices starting from $150 - $200 (like in every year).

So, we need to wait a little more time to talk about a hands on experience as owners.

Most important: