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Pre-orders from T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.

In this post I will show you some of the T-Mobile's tricks you can use in your advantage when you buy this amazing phone. T-Mobile is one of the 4 major U.S. mobile operators from which you can preorder, having advantageous and consistent bonuses.
T-Mobile will sell the Galaxy S4 in its stores and online, online it will have a starting price of just $199 per contract. Yes, you read that righ: for Galaxy S4, the starting price when you order it online from T-Mobile in the US will be just $199, this is the policy of the T-Mobile US to attract more clients and make a lot of sales.

The start price for purchasing online Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 16 GB storage capacity is $199, with a 2 year contract, for which you have to pay monthly $20.

Pre-orders from T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.
If you want my opinion, I say T-Mobile has very well adopted the policy of selling, creating the concept of sales in leasing; basically is a long-term contract, even though T-Mobile is reluctant to use long term contract to not scare buyers with a long-term perspective. The idea is to pay less for the phone or for the car at beggining, but month after month, for one or more years, to pay the remaining value of the phone or the car thus acquired without too much financial effort.

Now, to make a comparison with the competition: until now, it appears that Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, which are the leading operators in the US will have tariff plans less advantageous for buyers than T-Mobile, so my advice is to check first the offers from T-Mobile.

Most important: