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New rumors about S4

Countdown to the launch day had began, so in less than five days we will all see what are the surprises of this new phone.

On this blog I regularly update the informations on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, but I kindly invite you to comment and bring new details. Since 6th March, 2013 I heard that the phone will be setup to detect eye movements, this will be used to scroll function and performing other commands without touching the phone.

Also, the buyers can adjust the speed at which the display will move depending on how fast it will move the eyes up and down the screen. Using the same technology you can pause or even close or open up a document, interesting, right? I can not wait to see how much precision will have this setting on the phone.

On 5th March we had learned that the fabric casing of this phone will remain unchanged (still plastic), so that we can take your mind to a metal housing. However, a few weeks ago other officials from Samsung confirmed that the company's strategy in this matter will not change anytime soon.

For this decision was taken into account not only maintaining the weight of the phone, but also how easily would be manufactured and resistance or durability of the case. I personally really like the look, so I think those who make this remark are just jealous or malicious!

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