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All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before launching tonight

Samsung's launch will be in a matter of hours in US, in Time Square, and this smartphone seems to be the most waited device of the 2013. The launch has been organised in a location very close to the main store that sales iphones in New York, and not by chance, it was a message sent to his competitors, Samsung expressing this way the desire to conquer the US market.

The event will take place at Radio City Music Hall in  Time Square, in New York. Representatives from Samsung expects sales of more than 10 million devices only in March, and the strategy of keeping the secret about this new phone was part of the marketing polices.

Among the most expected specifications of this device include a 5 inches display and a 13 MP camera. According to latest news and rumors, the smartphone will have innovative technology, like scrolling text pages on the display, only depending on how the buyers are moving their eyes.

This smartphone will have a 5 inches screen, slightly higher than Galaxy S3. The US version will use a qualcomm processor, obtainingfor the phone a higher power for proccesing informations and to run multiple tasks in the same time. In other countries, Galaxy S4 processor will be a 5 Exynox with 8 cores, similar to what newest smartphones and tablets had for performing complex tasks.

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