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Worth waiting for the new Galaxy S4?

For everyone who wants to buy a smartphone, my advice is to wait until the launch tomorrow, because phones that are already on sale will be successful left behind after tomorrow launch. For this week, and especially for the 14th March, 2013, Samsung has launched a public invitation for all curious and prospective buyers.

Anyway, the phone will go on sale only in early April, so the Exynos processor with 8 cores, his 5 inches screen, his 2GB memory and the 13 MP camera will not be tested too soon, as many would desired. However, my advise to you is for contacting the local operators and ending preorders from now, to avoid waiting for months until the desired phone will be delivered to you.

Also Very expected is the new security software that will come tomorrow with Samsung, called Knox. This Smartphone will have all the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but improved. Anyway Samsung Galaxy S3 is great, but Samsung Galaxy S4 will be even better and it will overcome it.

However, after tomorrow's launch, the proce of the Galaxy S3 will start to fall, so now is the time for real business for those who want an GAlaxy S3, but did not have enough money.

Already on online sites you can buy Galaxy S3 at bargain prices, somewhere around $79.99, if you have just registered on the site. Sales are even greater for older members of these sites. Check the offers in the online environment.

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