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S4 is the evolution of Galaxy S

I think nobody expects great surprises about operating system that will run on this phone, is almost a certainty that an improved version of Android, Jelly Bean more precisely, will run on this new smartphone that would be launched next week, on 14th March, 2013, in New York, in Time Square.

As a bonus, Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a pad that will enable the phone to be used by owners for measuring the blood pressure, blood sugar levels or other signs regarding health. The monitoring of certain physiological signs represent an useful application for all the categories the phone customers, from children to the elderly. Thus, the versatility of this phone is once again proven.

In terms of revolutionizing mobile gadgets, the 5 inches display will diversify even more the possibilities for its use, even if the difference from the previous 4.8 inches (in Samsung Galaxy S3) is not that big.

In terms of weaknesses, remember that the battery will hold only about 6 hours at full capacity use of some complex applications, also, a laser keyboard is very unlikely.

Is true, there are some new concepts that will be introduced next week, but, however, we are a few years away from widespread implementation of an 100% flexible or transparent smartphone. There's long road to getting batteries that last days or weeks in use at full capacity.

Most important: