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Bell: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Day by day, since a few weeks after the official S4 release, people nerves are pressed harder and harder until the first release days organized by nationwide and local mobile carriers. Everyone wants to get S4 and enjoy by the first hands on experiences.
With more than 7 million customers, Bell Mobility is an important player on canadian mobile operators market, and it's hardly involved in the race of bringing the new smartphone in hands of canadian people.

Bell: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Bell: pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4
After a short research on the Internet, I found that the most expensive S4 costs up to $1400, and the cheapest Galaxy S4 cost is a half from the maximum price (above mentioned) - it's a huge difference!

Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders should start from a lower price, maybe in a range of $700 - $750, so, the canadian mobile carrier can use a competitive price to maintain its existing customers and getting new ones. Also the first days and weeks are critical for S4 sales, because in that period the people will be interested at maximum for this smartphone.

Also, I think for a bundle we wouldn't pay more than $100 for included accessories, and for yearly plans prices would fall to $349, maybe $299.

Bell Galaxy S4 release day

Even none of the canadian mobile carriers didn't announce an official release day for Samsung Galaxy S4, we know that this magic moments will arrive in Canada (as in the entire world), in the second quarter of this year. But which month? If we're looking to the past of Samsung Galaxy releases, then we can speculate that S4 will be released between the middle of April and the end of this month (maybe the beginning of May).

Most important: