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Price and updates for Galaxy S4

As the release date is approaching, rumors multiply and customer's interest for buying this smartphone further increases. The curiosity will increase even more with a few hours before launch. So, if we think that the Galaxy S3 is the "bestbuy" device running Android Operating system and is still very popular, Samsung Galaxy S4 will continue the tradition and will maintain sales volume at a level so high. No wonder why rumors about this release are so many.

Invitations to the 14th March, 2013 launch have not yet been sent. However, it will be held in New York, and will be called "Samsung Unpacked - 2013 - Episode 1". Its slogan is "Ready 4 the next Galaxy"? The event will be broadcast life on the Samsung official youtube channel.

Meanwhile, in the short time left until launch, Samsung has released a spot where a little boy is asked to keep the secret about this phone, while nearby, curious people began to suspect something. Interesting marketing strategy!

Huge posters have appeared everywhere in Times Square ahead of the next week launch, but the best recommendation is actually successful previous versions Samsung Galaxy. All the huge posters are black and white, so we can think that the colors in which the phone will be available are these? Who knows? Surely this launch will affect the launch of other smartphone from Apple.

The starting price will be somewhere around 499 pounds, to be on the same line with competition from Nexus 4, for example. So get ready to test all the new features of this phone.

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