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Which are the real Galaxy S4 specs?

Regarding the launch of the new smartphone, on 14th March 2013, rumors are sometimes contradictory. Unanimity is about endowments expected from this successor of Galaxy S3. Expected quad core processor of this phone lets you run multiple and complex applications simultaneously.

We all want that the new generation of phones have larger displays, be faster and be more efficient.Previous versions of Samsung, such as Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S3 did not disappointed and raised more expectations for the future.

From this phone that will be soon launched, the market expects a higher capacity data storage and a higher speed of writing data.Thus, a quad core is possible.

Regarding battery, are rumors about a possible wireless loads of it. We know that the previous version, Galaxy S3, has this feature, but it was not properly installed.

In a few days, we will learn that it has even applications in health monitoring. Thus appliances will be handy software for measuring blood pressure, blood glucose and body weight. They can prove to be quite useful.

In terms of appearance, the koreean company did not produced major changes last year. So I expect this model to be a little different and better, so I heard that Korean manufacturer prepares us new surprises.

Let's not forget that Samsung has made a deal with Visa to run some applications that allow payments to be made directly from the phone, so this smartphone will become an even more useful device today.Its versatility will save much of our time and will be helpful in various situations.

Other essential applications that will run are those that will let a ticket reservation or even some complex transactions, but safe.

It remains to be seen whether OS will be an updated version of Android, because there are expectations about it from top users, that use the phone at full capacity. If I were too optimistic, I'd think the rumors that it will come equipped with a new operating system called Tizen, originally designed at Linux, personally I do not think this it will happen now, in March, 2013.

 I believe that the operating system will resemble more with the next generation of Google's Android, however, we will not test this new OS in the next two or three months.

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