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Rogers: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Also, in Canada, many tensions was accumulated around the new last generation smartphone, fresh released at NY on March 14th, 2013, and many people are expecting until the release days to arrive the first pre-orders from canadian mobile carriers.
With more than 9 million customers, Rogers Wireless (with Fido,)can't stay away from the strong competition created in the race to bring Galaxy S4 in hands of canadian people. On the internet, prices of pre-orders for S4 records a huge range,  from $750 to $1400, even on the biggest online stores.

Rogers: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

On the Internet, prices tends to be now at a high level, but as a mobile carrier Rogers Wireless pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4, these must stay at a minimum price! It's a must, and to maintain its customers and to gain even new ones, Rogers S4 pre-orders must be very competitive on canadian market. So, its prices would start from $750 for an unlocked Galaxy S4... anyway, not more than $800 for this smartphone.

For a bundle the included accessories would not cost more than an additional $100 for a smartphone, and the yearly plans would start from $299, even $349, it depends by the contracting period.

Rogers S4 release day

Until now, none of the mobile operators didn't announce a release day, but we certainly know that this day will be established in the second quarter of 2013. When exactly? We don't know, but the earlier time for its arriving is the middle of April, but not later than the end of next month or the beginning of May.


It seems that Rogers will release Galaxy S4 and other high-end smartphones on April 19th.

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