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Be ready 4 the next Galaxy S4

Regarding the operating system, the updated 4.2 Android version and Touchviz are already expected, although i think a different OS named Tized will run on Samsung Galaxy S4, on the launching day (14th March, 2013, in New York). The explanation would be that it already runs on other phones from Samsung, proving effective.

However, last-minute changes are not excluded, so the rumors are still uncertain. Anyway, the secret is well keeped, but remember that are only 7 days left until launch day.

For those interested in buying this smart phone already, the standard price will be somewhere around 600 euros (£499 to be more precisely). I believe that's a fair cost, considering the technical specifications that will be equipped with. However, Samsung has never came first regarding low prices.

The 4D service will be incorporated, and the eight-core design contains 8 cores that enables multiprocessing.These multicore processors are used in many applications: graphics, digital processing, digital signatures.

When the phone is not used to its full strength, stronger cores go into hibernation to save power. The display which will be incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an amazing resolution of 1920x1080.

It will also have wireless charging battery,which will greatly increase the autonomy of using. All these are PROs for buying this amazing gadget!

Most important: