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Cheapest Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Standards are set high enough by the laste year record volume of sales by the Samsung Galaxy S3, a level that is likely to be exceeded by this new smartphone, given the great interest of the buyers to them. Today the largest carriers in the U.S. have provided the latest information about this smartphone for all who want to have this very powerful device.
In nowadays, large carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have already on their official websites sections for pre-orders with the lowest prices. Price varies depending on the specifications of this very powerful device and the duration for which the buyer is determined to conclude a contract with a carrier.

At AT&T preorders are priced at $199 for a two-year contract, while a smartphone outside this contract is no cheaper than $639. Sprint will have data  release on April 27 th, and for this amazing smartphone you will have to pay only $149 for the 16GB version, or just $249 for the 32GB version.

At U.S. Cellular pre-orders are available for just $200, while at T-Mobile preorders will begin on April 24 th, for a price of only $149 and a monthly cost of $20 for two years. Details on prices and availability on Verizon, the largest carrier in the U.S. still you do not have, but probably they will be available soon.

Samsung will deliver this amazing smartphone in more than 50 countries only next month, and in over 150 countries in the coming months and is distributed worldwide through a network of more than 327 carriers, the south korean company Will shipp just over 10 million units by the end of April.

Cheapest Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
Official statistics say that Galaxy S4 will sell over 10 million copies monthly, following the first 3 months to sell over 30 million units. Everyone expects S4 to be better than the S3, since it has a much nicer design, it is capable of more complex performing and has many special and unique features than the previous version.

Anyway, for now Samsung Galaxy S4 has a great advantage over two great competitors of his, HTC One and iPhone5, so the high expectations for it are justified.

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