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Reasons to order a Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is the first company to introduce its mobile GD full screen, both HTC and Sony's already on sale products that have this technology included. Samsung has come up with an improved shape to this new version, although not very large differences from Galaxy S3 design, which was largely preserved.
Brightness, image sharpness, brightness, are all improved Samsung Galaxy S4, thus resulting in a more attractive screen for all types of applications. Pixel density of 441 not exceeds that of HTC, but it's big enough to please any average smartphone buyer. Beyond first impressions created by modern and avant-garde design of this phone, to get innovative and technical specifications with which it is equipped.

Screen size and compact shape slim phone help all users to handle with utmost ease, so in conclusion: if you do not mind plastic casing of the phone, you will be surprise to discover full HD technology only reason worth to test this amazing device.Samsung has added some interesting upgrades in terms of interface that has, so it will definitely be a cause for praise for its users, unlocking the phone is made ??much easier now that will give reason to play for users of all ages and all classes.

Just looking at these few external factors we can see that Samsung has simply tried to improve very much this phone, but the most substantial improvements were made ??hardware that von listed and discussed below. Anyone would be impressed just reading the list of technical specifications, but still I will mention only what gives that element of uniqueness phone.

Reasons to order a Samsung Galaxy S4Accessing the Phone menu, and in general to all applications greatly simplified and the screen is now more airy and less busy. Android 4.2.2 improved, also known as the Jelly Bean, enables a wide range of applications, only a recall on the newly introduced eye scrolling or eye tracking, how you want to name.

Search the display does not require too much processor phone, but turn out to be increasingly easier and more intuitive, and can be used instantly to all users. Fear those who have more technical knowledge is the processor with 8 cores and 2GB RAM will consume most of the battery this phone is equipped with remains to be seen how Samsung solved this difficulty.

Most important: