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Everything about Galaxy S4

Samsung had proven in recent years that it has made a decisive shift from unattractive phones to smartphones, from premium category.

For the next week launh, expectations are very high, for Samsung Galaxy S4 stakes are also high, because it has the obligation to improve the market position of the company producing, the bar already have taken very high by the Samsung Galaxy S3 released last year. So there is no place of disappointment on 14th March.

Depending on how good will be this phone, the Samsung's future is in stake: it could make samsung one of the most important and best known brands in the world, or might undermine, as was the case with Nokia in the last years.

I believe that Samsung will dominate in the near future this sector, but the global dominance depends on how good it will be the phone, and the screen will definitely be great, with a diagonal of 5 inches, although apparently not very significant growth, it will be felt by users. Perhaps the modern and slim look will be kept, and will be made consistent improvements for all the hardware and software components.

Most important: