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360 camera and share for Galaxy S4

Everyone says that this device is easy to use and affordable, which is a good thing. For the 14th March,2013 launch, will only be good news. The only obstacle to autonomy is due to the fact that the phone still must be connected: if you watch your favorite TV show while you walk through the park or interacting with a friend, or want to send her some photos, after a while, you will still have to connect the device somewhere.

Samsung was surpassed by Sony at camera chapter: Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 13 MP camera, but Sony had already equipped some of his phones with 13 MP cameras, so this is not a strong point at Samsung.

However, the good news is that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have at least 10 MP camera, only 7 days remaining to find out!I personally expect more than 10 MP in Galaxy S4.

Anyway, camera will be a Samsung's Orb, accordingly to an engineer in the company.This technology is similar to Photo Sphere, that lets you take pictures with a 360-degree panorama, so obtaining an 3D image.

These photos will be shared very easily, because Samsung has conventions with Facebook that will allow it to share easily the 3D creations made in real time with camera.

Engineers from inside say that these pictures will even have a better quality than the pictures taken with Photos Sphere.

Most important: