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Sprint: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Many people became crazies in the expecting time for the release on american market of SGS4, and every day seems to be a week, or longer.
Soon, after the release date, many U.S. mobile carriers announced that pre-orders for S4 will be available in United States, but until now, none of them offered some certain prices.

Sprint pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Sprint: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
Since Sprint is selling Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the cheapest price in the U.S. for yearly plans, many S4 fans has moved them attention to Sprint, and they are expecting some great offers for yearly plans, usually starting from $199, but if we take in consideration that Samsung Galaxy S4 is a little more expensive that any previous Galaxy smartphone, then Sprint's yearly plans starting price would be $249 or even $299.

For an unlocked S4, on the intenet, prices oscillates between $800 and $900, but at Sprint Nextel is expected that Samsung Galaxy S4 to be a little more cheaper, arround $700 to $800. Also, for a bundle, prices wouldn't go over $100, it depend by the included accessories.

Release date at Sprint

After reading many articles about the most probable date of release day by US mobile operators, the earlier time to expect for S4 to arrive in the hands of first american customers is the middle of April 2013, but some realistic predictions says that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be release by US mobile carriers at the end of April or the beginning of May 2013. So, we have to wait up to a month to get some S4 offers from Sprint and its competitors.

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