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Apple attacks Samsung Galaxy S4 in the launch day

Android operating system that the new phone will use, is lower than iOS, according to Apple's PM, Phil Schiller, in an interview for Wall Street Journal, in which he tries to ridicules the main competitor of iPhone. Everyone saw his statements  as attempts to cause Samsung some damage just before today 's launch.

Devices that runs on Android has a lot of components provided by different manufacturers, but Apple is making himself all hardware components, including the iOS. The Same official said that only last year, iPhone registred about 20%  of the market share for phones saled in 2012, compared with 80% for Android ones.

In the past, Apple had the same strategy like this, in the attempt to make competition from Samsung less than it really is. Android buyers use the features of this (os) separetly, even Android offerrs free cases for the average value of one smartphone, the technique is better at Apple.

Also, Apple claims that in the last months, total amount of buyers that had changed the Android with iPhone is much higher than the amount of those who had made the change of Apple with Android. The american company has faced an issue last year: final sales showed only a 0.1% modest profit, so all the buyers and the business man need for this year a consistent profit.

South Koreean company manage in this time to maintain a viral and smart marketing campain in United States and all around the world, and today the new Galaxy S4 is launching, having a powerful processor, a performant camera and a long life battery, according to his specifications.

Samsung had brought big improvements to Google Operating System, and so it became a strong competition for Apple. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very good smartphone, but my opinios is that Galaxy S4 will attract tens of millions of new buyers. The americans from Apple are planning to launch their new Iphone in the late autumn, this year, having a cheaper price.

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