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Starting price for Galaxy S4

A very important aspect for this smartphone beeing a successful launch will go on sale, knowing that last year, when it launched Samsung Glaxy Note 2, it was originally presented as a device that costs around £ 550. However, its price will drop a lot after the launch of Note 3, as well as the price of Samsung Galaxy 3 will also drop a lot after 14th March, 2013, when Galaxy 4 will be released.
Speculations around the price that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have, proves that it will not be accessible to all, I understand this, if I judge by advanced technologies that it will have. However, it will sell at a starting price of around $787, launch price similar to the one that Samsung Galaxy S3 had last year.

However, Samsung is well positioned in relation to the competition, in terms of the ratio of price and quality offered, but it remains to be seen if it will still be able to overcome Google Nexus 4 or iPhone 6 that will be released soon.

Galaxy S4 is already a winner
Last year, the starting price on which all the 5 largest operators agreed, was $199 for the phone with standard equipment purchased under the contract, after 14th March, Galaxy S4 will be purchased under contract at the same price. Prepare yourself, the launch is tomorrow!

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