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U.S. Cellular: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Even its customers counts 5.8 million people, it's an active mobile carrier when it needs to bring the latest generation smartphones to the U.S. citizens.
U.S. Cellular is one of the first mobile operators that announced soon after March 14th, that a release day is comming for Galaxy S4 in second quarter of 2013.

U.S. Cellular pre-orders for Galaxy S4

U.S. Cellular: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
To gain the race on your local market or for your customers when a new smartphone was announced is very important for and american mobile carrier, and so, U.S. Cellular pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 are a high priority if we think that in fist days and even weeks after the release day of a powerful smartphone, represents a huge quantity of sales - usually 10% - 20% of customers ensure the main revenues for the vendor of a high-end smartphone, like S4.

But what will be the U.S. Cellular prices for Galaxy S4? Well... not too far away than its competitors prices. On U.S. market mobile carriers will offer three ways to get this smartphone: unlocked, bundle and yearly plans. An unlocked Galaxy S4 will costs arround $799 - $899, a bundle will have an additional prices of $100 (it depends by the included accessories), and S4 with a yearly plan will costs between $249 - $299, but some people believes that the starting price will be $199.

U.S. Cellular release day for S4

Until now only speculations had crossed over the internet, but the most expected date for the release day of Galaxy S4 seems to be at the end of April, or the beginning of May, 2013. Although, it is not excluded that the launching date for U.S. mobile carriers to be in the middle of April.

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