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Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Although it was launched only two weeks ago, Galaxy S4 has already surpassed the first world record, according to U.S. statistics, the buyer's interest is already much higher than it was last year for Samsung Galaxy S3.
U.S. retailers give a higher figures for Galaxy S4 pre-orders, with 40% more that we had last year for Samsung Galaxy S3, and if these figures are correct, the growth is truly amazing.

The enthusiasm of those who wish to acquire this high-performance smartphone is very high and is particularly complex due to the technical specifications of the phone and innovative technology which it is equipped with.

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
Until the launch of Galaxy S4, his predecessor Galaxy S3 was the best selling device running Android, but this record was already surpassed in the first 48 hours since Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched. I already have the courage to say that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the best selling phone of the year 2013.

Galaxy S3 had sold over 50 million copies in less than a year, so a possible doubling of the volume of sales is not impossible, given that Samsung Galaxy S4 came with significant improvements since its launch in March, 14th: full HD screen with AMOLED technology, 13 MP camera and an interface that does not even have to touch because it works only by analyzing eye movements. Check the preorders to get this phone at soon as possible.

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