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Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article you will find some extremely beneficial tariff plans, offers valid at T-Mobile, which has taken the decision to drop the price for a month for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, with $50, in an attempt to gain more clients.

T-Mobile offers its customers a discount of $50 when purchasing this model, the promotion will be valid until July 13 th, so you can benefit from it only in this time. The price of this device reaches just $99 on with a contract for a period of 24 months, and the monthly contract worth $20. This promotion is already found on the official website of the mobile operator, so for many pricing plans, check it until July 13 th.

However, most likely this promotion will be followed by many other promotions, as initial estimates made by the South Korean company about sales volumes have recently been updated, since from its launch until now there have not been sold so many units as originally expected, so the production of this new smartphone was a bit slowed because of this, and this will definitely be used against the giant Samsung by its main competitors.

The impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Last came in Galaxy S4 family is the Active model, which impresses with its resistance to water and dust, but also has extremely powerful technical specifications.

This latest smartphone that can withstand a dive up to 30 minutes in water has an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system  and a very powerful processor, a 1.9 GHz quadcore processor, in terms of technically specifications, this model is very similar to the just launched S4 model.

With an 8MP camera, so with a resolution a little smaller than that S4, this outstanding model can already be purchased at a price of just $199 at AT&T, thus becoming a very desirable device for many million people concerned.
In terms of design, this model has extra screws that are designed to provide more resistance for the device, so, in short, this is an affordable smartphone, very powerful, and very durable, enough reasons to get the top choice of many buyers.

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

AT&T made today an official announcement, communicating that they Will be launching this device in the U.S. and will take preorders starting tomorrow, When first devices will already be in stores, being available for a $199 price for a 2 year contract.

This latest smartphone will be available in two versions: Urban Gray and Blue Dive and will have the great advantage of being waterproof, a very special feature that will be very useful in many life situations.

It will have a very powerful configuration, a 5 inches screen, a quad core Snapdragon 600 high performance, and the latest battery of 2600 mAh. However, prospective customers of this device will be delighted with special features related with its water resistance.

Just think how useful this water and dust resistant smartphone can be in summer vacations, on the beach or spending your vacation on camping. A very powerful device, durable and with a great, modern and beautiful design at the same time. What could you possibly want more?

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5
After the great success of Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, technology enthusiasts are waiting the next improved version, which will become more efficient, so already there are many rumors about the future Galaxy S5, the highest expectations of this being therefore linked to aluminum housing which it will most certainly be made.
The fact is that the future model is now in development stage and will have a very similar design to that had by the Galaxy S4, but with much improved performance, as the South Korean company already had showen us in the last years, so I personally expect outstanding performances for this device what's to be released.

Aluminum housing that's to be expected for giving a premium impression, will most likely cause higher production rates and a greater weight of the smartphone as well, but in this way will be wiped most criticals received from its biggest competitors, Apple and HTC.

However, in terms of technical specifications, we do not have much information at this time, so it remains to be seen what the future configuration for this smartphone from Samsung might be.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK
After Samsung kept his word and designed the mini model equipped with the latest facilities that the S4 series has, for a lower price, making it so much affordable for many categories of buyers, this mini model is now available at preorder, so everyone interested will not have very long to wait until they could hold it in their hand and test all its revolutionary features.

This mini version is just as efficient and has a very similar design to the just released S4 model, so with a display of 4.3 inches super AMOLED technology, a high performance processor clocked for 1.7 Ghz, a 8 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP front camera and 1.5 GB of RAM, it has a high performance configuration, which will help it to become one of the best selling smartphones of the moment, taking advantage of offering latest technology at much lower prices.

The official presentation of this mini model will take place within a larger event in June 20, so very few remaining days until we find out all its details.

A few weeks after announcing the launch of this mini model, anyone interested in this model in the UK can preorder it now for only £389.99, one of the most famous and largest retailers, Handtech, confirming that they will have in stock this model in the near future, also, on its official site Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 8GB black mist is available for preorders at £389.99. Up to this point this retailer has not provided a release date for the mini version of this smartphone.

Other big retailers like Vodafone, Three, Phones 4U, O2 also said that they will have in stock the new device, so there will be a lot of offers from them, but until then, lets expect its launch in London, June 20th.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The long awaited series of releases from Samsung will be continued, this month, with a new highly awaited launch that will be a pleasant surprise for passionate users of the Facebook application, which in this month will be introduced with Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, specifically designed for them. But first, let's see what's new about this smartphone?
Today it appeared on the internet its first official picture, thus its design is suggestive for its purpose, being a combination, a true high performance hybrid between a camera and a latest generation smartphone, so being able to fulfill both the functions of a camera, and that of a mobile phone.

In terms of its technical specifications, the rumors say it will have a 1.6 Ghz high-performance processor, 8GB storage capacity expandable up to 64GB, Android 4.2.2 operating system, 4,3 inches screen after the model of S4 Mini.
This hybrid will surprise you with an amazing resolution of 16MP and a professional 10x zoom. Until the launch of this hybrid are left, according to official sources, less than two weeks, the expected launch will be in June 20, the date on which the South Korean company will have a major media event, so, for this date, the new launch is not excluded! I"ll keep you updated!

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Applications

In this article I will briefly present some of the best and most useful applications of this great smartphone and I'll start by saying that I personally like best Flipboard, and I especially like the fact that as soon as you turn the device, a very friendly and intuitive interface is working, so you will see a wide range of applications, everything can be customized according to the needs of each user.
Dreambox through which you can access or upload up to 2 gigabytes of data, Play Group that helps you to connect instantly in real time with many other users or share with them any material and files, S Planner that helps to become a very good organizer, giving you a calendar that you can customize it, these are just some of the special applications of this device to ease the lives of everyone, thus becoming a true personal assistant capable of performing comparable that of a portable computer, for example.

S Voice Assistant is easy to use by all users, applications can be started using only voice commands. S Health is monitoring your health parameters and through Samsung Hub Applications anyone can have access to many more other applications, thus using this smartphone is really a pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon review

PROs: innovative features for a smartphone with Android operating system, very performance camera that help you get  professional photos, colorful and very performance full HD display, expandable storage capacity, long lasting battery, extremely light, beautiful design, high speed processor, air Gesture controls, thinner, wider, bigger than all the other smartphones on the market, very stilish, removable battery, colorful screen as we have not seen in any other smartphone before, but very powerful at the same time, high performance speakers that bring a very good sound quality, querty keyboard with enough space between the keys, so you can type with great rapidity larger texts, air view, smart pause, smart scroll, Samsung Hub, S Heath, STranslator, Optical Reader, high performance processor, 4G LTE Connectivity, long lasting 2600 mAh battery, the version with 16GB storage capacity can be brought from Verizon for only $199 with a 2 year contract.

CONs: its plastic case, screen can sometimes be hard to read when sunlight falls directly on it.
VERDICT: The best smartphone of the moment, very good price value, a device that supports the latest technologies, great for multimedia and social media applications.

O2 prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article I will give more details about the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones at O2 mobile network carrier.
For starters you should know that this device is available in two colors, white mist and black frost, the first smartphone in the world with a 5 inches full HD super AMOLED screen able to take pictures simultaneously with the 2MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera, the device is also equipped with the latest 4G technology.

The smartphone is available in two pricing plans: for £37 per month for 24 months, the smartphone up front cost is free, while for the same tariff Including unlimited minutes and more time, the smartphone up front cost is £69.99.
The smartphone can be used without touching a button, and you can keep fit with the help of your amazing handset, SHealth can even monitor your sleep patterns by performing sensor that is equipped with, so it is a very useful device.

Galaxy S4 Mini - a smartphone for everyone

Galaxy S4 Mini - a smartphone for everyone

Galaxy S4 Mini is the performance version of S4, but cheaper and smaller in size, thus becoming a smartphone as powerful as it, but more affordable. It has a screen of 10.9 cm, about 4.3 inches, and therefore it is still much bigger than the previous S3 mini version, and it will be launched sometime in June this year, without so far knowing exactly when.
The just released S4, according to official sources within the South Korean company, has sold in over 10 million units, representing a record volume of sales.
Criticism received by the last year's S3 mini version was that it was not strong enough and powerful, so Samsung has not much to gain with that mini release, now, with the new mini release which will take place this month, the south korean is experiencing some emotion.

This mini version will have a 8 MP rear camera and a mini dual core 1.7 Ghz processor, which might cause critics to argue that this version will not be anything but a downgrade, it remains to be seen! Anyway, it will be cheaper and more afordable for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Several photos of this model have already appeared in the virtual environment, the last of them with its casing, that it will have outstanding specifications. Photos of red or black casing have already appeared from several sources, which makes us think that it is likely that they are genuine.
From the latest leaked picture it appears that this smartphone has a very similar design to S4, but in front with 3 buttons instead of one, and it will have the power button on a side and the volume control at the other side.
According to information leaked to this point, the smartphone will have an 8 MP camera, and will be available for sale under number SGH I537, most likely from June 21th this year. But now lets see how this new model actually is and what does it has different from the just released S4 smartphone.

The display will most likely have 5 inches too, a full HD super AMOLED screen with a quad core Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, and a very high performance battery of 2600 mAh. In addition you will have other special features that will make it dust resistant and moreover, water resistant, specially features that will be very useful and will revolutionize the market.

Best-selling smartphone of all times

According to official sources within the company, Samsung Galaxy S4 is already the best selling smartphone of all time, only after two weeks from its availability for selling.
In just two weeks were shipped over 6 million units, representing an extraordinarily high figure, so the South Korean company having much bigger sales than last year with previous version, S3. Last year Samsung managed to sell in 50 days only about 10 million units, making it a very visible increase in sales this year, it is a huge growth in just two weeks.

Being equipped with a 5 inches full HD display, with a high-performance Snapdragon 600 1,9 Ghz processor, with an amazing camera resolution of 13 MP, 2GB of memory and 64GB storage capacity, this latest smartphone is truly amazing. The south korean company's statistics show a volume of sales of more than 100 milion units, while Galaxy S3 has sold only in 60 million units by this time.
Meanwhile rumors multiply on the difficulties faced by Apple, the most feared competitor of Samsung, for the production of the next model iPhone 6, which will have a much larger display just to be able to keep up with the Galaxy S versions. I am one of enthusiasts who have already purchased this amazing device, and I am very pleased with all the special features that it has.

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
Until now it's the most wished smartphone of 2013 for an important number of people from the entire world, and the most motivating factors are related to its new inovative hardware and software technologies.

U.S. Cellular prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Until yesterday I believed that at T-Mobile can be found the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4, but I was wrong! U.S. Cellular has even a better price for Galaxy S4: $99 for a 2 yearly plan (only for new customers). Also, for an existing client, the price is $199 for a 2 year contract. Also, for current customers U.S. Cellular has 2 offers at the same price: add a line or upgrade/renewal.
Before choosing the way of getting an S4 you shoud take in consideration that is very possible to wish another smartphone in the next year, so, think twice before to your needs and the smartphones of the near future.

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
During the first rumors arrived in the world, this smartphone have got the attention of millions of people, because new hardware and software inovations was expected to join this mobile device.

Verizon prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

On the american market, until now, this mobile carrier doesn't have the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 - it can be found at its main competitor: T-Mobile. So, lets talk about Verizon Wireless offers! The cheapest way to get an S4 from Verizon is to get it at $199 via a 2 yearly plan. Also, the expensive way includes this smartphone at $649 for a month to month contract.
Of course, many of you would like to know what's the best choice. So, in my vision, if I would plan to get a new feature smartphone sooner than 2 years, then I choose a month to month plan, else... the next Verizon option.

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

When its hardware and software specs was announced, millions of people hopped to get this smartphone in their hands as soon as possible.

T-Mobile prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

If I'm right, at T-Mobile you can get the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 from United States. So, for a two yearly plan you can have an S4 at only $149. Also, the plan is at a very low level if you compare it with its competitors. More than, you can get this smartphone without a contract at $649 - it's a better price than its rivals' offers.
Many people are intrigued by another dilema: what's the best choice - getting a Galaxy S4 with or without a contract? Well... if you take in consideration that the cheapest S4 imply a 2 yearly plan and you are not wishing another smartphone in next 2 years, then it would be a good choice! Else, you could choose the little more expensive way, but also you should think that a plan for internet will be necessary.

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

This was one of the firsts US mobile carriers that brought S4 on american market, and amazed many fans with its unbeatable hardware and software specifications.

AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

This mobile operator has 3 offers for S4, and I think only one could be a smart choice. So, the cheapest price of AT&T for a Samsung Galaxy S4 is $199 at 2 yearly plan! A little more expensive is to choose S4 for  one year contract ($499), and for a month to month plan it costs you $639.

What's the best choice?

Hmmm... it's easy to ask, but very dificult to find it! The best choice would start to reflect the basic and advanced needs of every single one, but you should take in consideration that next year or maybe after two years, your S4 will be a little obsolete, so, in my vision the best choice would take place between a month to month plan and 1 year contract.

Rogers prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Since it was officially released, S4 shocked millions of people with its amazing features, provided by many powerful and inovative hardware and software components.

Rogers prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

So, let me to introduce you in the area of Rogers Wireless offers for Galaxy S4! If you'll choose to get this smartphone with a low budget, then it will cost you $199 for a 3 yearly plan. Also, for an unlocked version you'll get S4 at $699!
After a closer look at Rogers' offers for S4, you will realise that the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 is the unlocked version and the best choice, because for a long term the yearly plan will cost you arround $1800 for 3 years. Even more, in next three years, the most probable you'll get another smartphone, because S4 will be an old piece of mobile device.

Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Telus Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
This smartphone arrived on markets joined by the most advanced hardware of our times, and even that fascinated millions of fans, the most amazing inovations are related the its software improvements.

Telus prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

In a few words, I'll try to describe Telus offers! So, the cheapest Galaxy S4 from Tellus can be obtained only with a 3 yearly plan (it's too much) for $199. Also, the most expensive version costs $700 for an unlocked smartphone.
Of course, every man have his preferences for the way he will get this smartphone, but in my opinion, I would choose the unlocked version because it's cheaper (for long term), and in a few months or after one year I'll get another future smartphone, that will be more powerful: maybe Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 or whatever will arrive on global markets.

Bell Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S4 prices
Until now it's one of the most powerfull smartphones available on global market, and millions of people are fascinated by this wonderful inovation of 2013.

Bell prices for Samsung Galaxy S4!

In a few sentences, I will try to ilustrate Bell's Galaxy S4 prices! So, on a 3 yearly plan (it's too much, and your smartphone will became unusefull for market's need), you can get Samsung Galaxy S4 at $199, and without contract you must to pay $699.
Anyway, it's your dilema about what way you'll choose, but in my opinion I'd choose to get the unlocked version, because for long term it's cheapper. Yes, it's true that an S4 without an internet connection isn't usefull, but thiking at the alternatives to get it connected to a permanent internet connection, I'm still keep my mind.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

In this article we will see who is winning the battle between two largest competitors in the smartphones market for the moment Reviewing all technical features of the two and highlighting the strengths of each, so having a full comparison of the two.
The rivalry between the two major players is not new, in recent years both racing to bring for their customers better products, both wanting to maintain its leading positions in certain segments.

Apple's devices has the advantage of having simple and compact design, finished in high quality materials, while the South Korean company has a larger screen, very appropriate and very useful for multimedia applications.

The beauty of Apple's smartphone is undeniable, its modern design and premium quality materials of which it is made, such glass and aluminum, in these conditions Samsung has no way of winning in this chapter only because it is thinner, slightly bigger, with an amazing 5 inches display. Both smartphoes can be operated with one hand.

The South Korean smartphone does not impress very much by its plastic case, but this drawback is offset by the fact that it is very easy and very pleasant to touch, however, it is very much improved compared to the previous version, S3.

With a thickness of just 0.25 inches, S4 is much thinner than his Apple competitor, being at the same time longer and wider than this. In terms of size, people are putting greater emphasis on Apple's performances, while Samsung values both performance and the ability to use its devices for a wide range of multimedia applications like watching your favorite movies or video tracks, with a very high resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Samsung's smartphones is left behind by its Apple rival in terms brightness, iPhone 5 having around 535 lux light for each meter, so with nearly 200 more than Galaxy S4, thus might displease S4 owners who outside, in the sun, at reading, are experiencing serious failure of the display.

The sound quality is better at S4, but instead, iPhone 5 has better options for setting it, having the speakers on the bottom. However, your favorite song will be very well heard from the other side of an office and nobody will realize that your smartphone is actually a very powerful device that brings these clearer and louder sounds closer to you. Samsung's interface is much easier to use, more simple and intuitive, thus making Samsung Galaxy S4 much desired for more categories of buyers.

Where S4 exceeds the real competition is the multitasking, si it can support simultaneous running of multiple applications, due to its high-performance processor, due to its memory, but also due ti its large storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB or even 64 GB that is available.

For the less experienced users, S4 has the option of Multi Window Menu, which allows running two or more applications simultaneously on screen, at the same time, such as, for example, you can check your Facebook status while watching a trailer on youtube, etc..

iPhone 5 is very easy for typing different texts, but Galaxy S4 goes a step further, having technologies in this field, with Swiftkey option and settings for predictions or even voice typing words, making thus this latest smartphone more useful for many life situations.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

The 13 MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera are also special features that can be found in some professional camera equipment, which is another advantage for this very powerful smartphone for being in the top choice for fun and also for many other multimedia applications.

So, here are just some of the strengths of this latest smartphone from Samsung, and for more technical specifications, you can also refer to the other posts on this blog.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

After the long awaited release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the south korean company prepares for those interested in its mini version, a big surpise, according to information we have so far, it will be launched next month. The initial launch was to take place earlier, but the South Korean company is experiencing some difficulties in producing memories for the widest range of devices that it has on sale.
Recently appeared photos of this model show that it will have a screen of 4.3 inches, the mini version following the last year tradition that had great success with S3 Mini. The motivation for this mini versions release is to provide the opportunity to enjoy the best and unique features of this amazing device for as many types of buyers at lower prices.

According to recent rumors, this mini version will have a 1.6 GHz very powerful processor, an 8 MP camera, and until now we do not have more information about its starting price, but I will keep you updated with the latest information about its launch. The South Korean campany surprises do not stop here, because for 2013 Samsung has planned the launch of a new tablet, the Galaxy S4 Active that will amaze and impress with its performance and with the fact that it will be dustproof and waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
With 1Gb or 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 32 GB, this mini version will have a very good battery, 2100 mAh and it will benefit from all the advanced features of the Android 4.0 operating system. On this blog you will find all the information you need to make great deals and for choosing the best smartphones that suit your needs.

Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4

This latest smartphone has many best features, the most powerful at the moment, so in this article I will describe a few of them that I thought were most interesting to me. These innovative and amazing features make it one of the most desired gadgets of the moment, here are some of them, and the competition with Apple has successfully been won by Samsung with the latest high-performance smartphones launched in recent years.
This smartphone has come up with a completely different vision and it is equipped with features for eyes recognition, hand gestures, as well as high-performance hardware components, with an updated processor compared to the previous version. Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same size as the previous version, but also has a larger display, and its Android OS comes with many improvements, such this smartphone getting to be much more efficient and easier the used.

The only criticism that can be brought to them is that the casing is still made from plastic materials, and thereby does not look as stylish as that of its main competitors HTC One or iPhone. From a distance nobody will realize that you have the latest model of smartphone, because it is very similar in appearance to previous version, Galaxy S3.

Its lifetime battery is 20% higher, so you can use the device a longer period of time or you can run multiple applications simultaneously with greater complexity. Also, its storage capacity can be expanded with a memory card, which can bring envy of its main competitors.

With the Smart scroll you can very easily recognize eye movements and thus works when you have to save energy and the buyer is not looking at the display, or when you read web pages or emails and they are scrolled by this feature when you get to look at the point that would require moving to the next page.

With Air View each buyer can only gesture at the smartphone's screen and it will execute the commands without the need of activating the menu, and the Air Gestures sensor is very useful, for exemple, when you eat and your hands are greasy, so this new feature really proving its worth.

The S Translator can translate instantly, as in science fiction movies, any text from any language, so you will not have any problems in communication during your holidays in exotic or isolated locations.

The camera of this amazing smartphone is very performance and it has a resolution similar to that of professional cameras with settings for processing and obtaining outstanding special effects, dual shot, animated photo, or drama shot.

Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4
In Easy Mode using this smartphone is very pleasant, so until the least experienced users can easily use the camera, email, phone, internet, messaging, calendar, browsers, etc..

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best choice for buyers from various industries and for all categories of population, and each of these features is ideal for both social media and for more complex application, thus being modern and nice and fast and very showy in the same time, those are just a few reasons why this smartphone deserves to be the top choice of interested customers.

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are looking for special Cases for your new smartphone, this article will help you a lot. Compared to its competitor iPhone which has many cases available, this smartphone's options are more limited, buyers only having limited choices.
My suggestion is to take into account criteria such as design, usefulness, ease of use, affordable prices, and of course, to avoid counterfeit products, because while an original case costs between $30 and $50, a counterfeiting case with a lower quality only costs around $10. Anyway, the most important is the buyers preferences, their taste is often even more important than quality.

This just released smartphone is already available for sale at all major retailers and on other sites like Amazon, it amazes with the hardware components and also with many other special and unique features.

Having the last year experience of its S3 predecessor which had a record volume of sales and was greatly admired and preferred by tens of millions of customers, this year expectations are even higher.

The market expects like the S4 model to be even better than the Galaxy S3, and Samsung has thought about the casing strategy for an adapted case for its display, called View Cover, the novelty of this is given by that this case fits very well and allows you to see notifications without the need to remove the device from the case.

Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S4
This case was specifically designed for S4 and since it has a much larger screen, so it has a higher need for its protection.This official casing produced by the South Korean company is called S View Cover and it has the advantage that in addition to the protection offered it is also very useful, allowing reading the notifications direct on the screen where they are displayed, direct through the hole, so through this case you can check time or an incoming call could be taken or you could see real time updates from your facebook account.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 is very powerful, and attention for the smallest details is seen in the way this case has been specifically designed  for this model. I personally believe that this case is funny, useful, with a great design, and I highly recommend using them to enjoy all the benefits offered.

Drop resistance test - How strong is Samsung Galaxy S4?

In this article you will find out how this just released smartphone did on resistance tests compared with some of its biggestcompetitors.
Smartphone was thrown on hard surfaces from different heights, from the pants pocket or from the pocket of the shirt, to test how he handled these situations that any buyer may face at some point. For the beginning I say that things started to get even more interesting when the smartphone was dropped from even larger heights.larger.

Samsung Galaxy S4 began to show their limits when he fell from a height of seven foot, at which struck down with an edge and had the first crack in the screen, the crack was not all over the screen, so  the smartphone continued to work. But this device from Samsung has done much worse on this test than its main competitor, iPhone5, who suffered, unlike it, much less damage.

For a gadget so powerful which has the slogan "life companion", drop resistance may be useful in many circumstances because some accidents are inevitable, but unfortunately at this endurance test S4 did not do so well, even fared worse than earlier S3 version, being more fragile than this at official tests.
Drop resistance test - How strong is Samsung Galaxy S4?

The total score obtained was seven, that even half a point lower than the last year won by its previous version, the explanation of this fragility is given by the larger and more open design of smartphones manufactured by the South Korean company.

This score has been speculated by his contestants in their favor, so saying Apple saying they will not sacrifice strength just to obtain a larger display that could break more easily, given the exemple of smartphones from Samsung's S Series.

Coming soon: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Today we had another good news coming from Samsung : the just launched Samsung Galaxy S4 will be followed this summer by an improved model that will be water resistant and dust resitant, according to the Wall Street Journal. According to this specific source, this model will be named Galaxy S4 Active and we are expecting to be launched in aproximately 3 months, maybe in July.
Samsung official representatives confirmed two weeks ago, during the launch of S4 version in Dubai, that they would launch such a device, but they did not specified any release date, specs, other features or names for it. So far we only know that it will have the same design like S4, but it will have a highly resistant casing which will offer a good protection against dust or even water, imagine what applications could have such a device.

Gadgets resistant to harsh conditions like water, cold, dust, etc. are not a new idea, the Android operating system by other  models launched by Sony, Motorola or Samsung, but all those were low end or mid range versions, not as highly performantm as those from galaxy series.

With the launch of Sony Xperia Z, the interest for increasing the resistance of those high tech smartphones with high prices and resistant casing designed to protect from extreme enviromental conditions was an innovation in the field. Other major companies had also announced that future versions will follow this lie and will focus more on sustainability.

In addition to this, the same official source from the Wall Street Journal says that the South Korean company is working at this time for releasing a mini version of this S4 just released model, most likely this will be the expected Mini model, which will offer a screen with 4.3 inches and the latest tablet with a 8 inches screen.

Thus the year 2013 promises to be very lively for the south korean company with an impressive amount sales, which will strengthen its leadership position for the smartphones and tablets segment.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One X+

Which of the two is better? Which of the two is nicer? Which of the two latest smartphones suits me better for my needs? Here are some questions that we will try to answer in this post.
Samsung has accustomed us in the last years because it has maintained his design, appearance, preference for certain materials they use to manufacture it's high performance gadgets with approximately the same shape, and more importantly, with much improved performances at every new release.

The Galaxy S4 is a S3's improved version in almost every way, while HTC One X+ comes with the advantage of being made from premium high quality materials, thus beeing much better than those used by the South Korean company and having a great design interface.

For starters let's analyze the hardware of the two competing smartphones. In this regard, Samsung has made significant improvements to this model, compared with last year version, it has an amazing full HD 5 inches displya with a resolution of 1080p, plastic casing with aluminum tapes on the edges, which gives it a premium look, thus eliminating most criticism received by the south corean company for preferring plastic cases for its devices.

A 1.9 GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 processor for the american buyers or a 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 octa core processor for the other parts of the world, 2 GB of RAM, a 2 Mpx front camera or 13 Mpx rear camera, an amazing 2600 mAh battery and more special and unique features like: 5G Wi-Fi, supersensitive screen, gesture sensor, Gorilla Glass 3, RGB light sensor, noise calcellation, hydrometer, thermometer, barometer, MHLS, high-performance audio chips, Tripadviser, assistant for emergency situations, Photo Cinema, Group play, Gaming Group, Cinema Photo, Shot Eraser, Photo Reader, Story Album, Air View, S Translator, S Heath, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Air Gesture, Smart Call Accept, etc., these are just few of special and unique features that make this smartphone a top high-performance device with broad applicability for the various categories of buyers.

Here are some of the highlights from the One X+ : a battery with a longer lifetime, storage capacity up to 64 GB, a processor up to 67% faster, a 1.7 GHz quad core processor, integrated Beats audio, modern design, clean and well-defined lines, made only from high quality materials, nice looking, light, sophisticated, very easy to handle even with one hand, which can be useful in many situations, a 4.7 inches display, 2100 mAh battery, a very high sound quality, these are just few of his features that makes from this smartphone a strong competitor fot the south korean models.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One X+

The phone is much easier to hold in your hand or to handle with only one hand, but at this chapter HTC One X + is the winner, because it is thinner and lighter than S4. HTC'interface is better structured, while Samsung does not excel at this, and I personally think that inspiration from nature does not seem appropriate nor sophisticated impression.

My opinion is that each of the two smartphones meet the needs of customers to the highest standards, both benefiting from improved Android operating systems with diverse features, although both smartphones are powerful rivals who are on a broad level, however should keep in mind that each is an unique smartphone, but Samsung Galaxy S4 yet brought the newest innovations in software technology market compared to any other smartphone invented till it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

Until now S4 seems to be in the front of the TOP 10 smartphones of the year 2013, but even it brought so many inovations in hardware and software fields, we should take a look to its main competitors that sometimes offers a good price/features alternative.
So, let's list the main differences between the two smartphones!


Considering it as an SGS4 alternative, we can say that HTC 8X has some important uniqueness features/improvements like it's three subpixels (this means a clearer image), the operating system gets direct updates,  it has a dedicated button for its foto/video camera, the size of front camera is 2.1 Mpx and the SAR levels are safest than S4's.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Even HTC 8X has a few uniqueness aspects, we must admit that S4 is the lider of the year in smartphones industry.

So starting with S4's camera we should emphasize some features of it, like its manual ISO and White Balance, continous autofocus, panoramic photos, serial shot mode, build-in HDR, and 13 Mpx foto/video camera. Also, it has 2 GB of RAM, a higher pixel density, a better resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels), a bigger touchscreen, a dedicated slot for external storage (up to 64 GB microSD), FM radio, a higher CPU clock speed, more applications for its native installed OS, it's thinner, has a newer version of bluetooth, it supports Adobe Flash, and has a better and removable battery.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC 8X

I hope you can create your own opinions about S4 and 8X and to make the right chose related to your needs if you are planning to became in next future the owner of such a great smartphone. Anyway, if I would need a new smartphone, I would opt for S4, definetly, even if it's a little more expensive, the benefits are so many if I'm thinking to my needs related to the internet.

AT&T brings Samsung Galaxy S4 at $199 starting price

In recent years the competition between smartphones with Android operating system and Apple became fierce, and the confrontation of the two seems to be won by the Android operating system, it is already a winner because it provides special features for this latest smartphones.
Like previous models of the S series, this model released in March are claimed to be one of the most desired and most common device in the world, moreover, it arrives today at AT&T and Sprint, T-Mobile will get it next week and at the largest carrier, Verizon, it will arrive in early May.

This smartphone's prices vary from carrier to carrier, but for the most part, its price is about $199 for the version with 16 GB storage capacity, or $249 for the version with 32GB storage capacity.

If we look back in history of Galaxy S series which was launched in March 2010, we simply find that with every new release significant improvements were made to the just launched devices.

If his main rival, Apple, is a supporter of minimalist conceptions, Samsung tries every time to maximize effects: bigger screen, better resolution, higher performance specs, more applications, etc.

Thus, compared with the earlier model, S4 has a much more powerful processor, a full HD 5 inches display, which is about 12.7 cm, with AMOLED technology, so the colors are more bright.

Plastic housing offers the great advantage of a very low weight, but also can increase the storage capacity of smartphones through a microSD card.

The Samsung S view cover that cost about $60, you can look very easily through the small window and see notifications, sms or you can answer a call that you get without having to remove your smartphone from the case, which turns out to be a very useful feature.

But this huge screen smartphone is not only impressive, all his special and unique features worth to be mentioned: therefore, it comes with two types of processor for different regions of the world, such as the version that had reached already in the U.S. will be equipped with a four core Snapdragon processor, while other parts of the world will enjoy the outstanding performance of an eight core processor.

Significant improvements are made to the camera also, thus from the 8 MP that S3 had, now S4 come with a 13 MP resolution rear camera and a 2MP front camera, thus buyers being able to take pictures with both cameras simultaneously.
Significant improvements have been made to the battery: it's going from 2100 mAh to 2600 mAH, which should be sufficient for suppling all applications all day without any recharching.

Improvements have been made to the operating system, Samsung Galaxy S4 been equiped with Jelly Bean 4.2.2., the latest version of the Android operating system.

Many special and unique features allows this smartphone to operate without physically touching the smartphone's: air view, air gesture, smart screen, etc..

In addition, Samsung has equipped his smartphones with other own applications: one is on watch, which works as follows: S4 uses infrared sensors to turn into a high-performance remote control for compatible TVs.

Other useful applications of this amazing device are S Health, S Translator, Optical Story, Album Viewer, Dual Camera, Eraser Camera, Knox taht allows safe separation of the official data from those related to entertainment and fun.

At&T brings Samsung Galaxy S4 at $199 starting price
Also, this smartphone comes with several live applications available because the Operating System: Galaxy S4 has settings for both search engine like Chrome and Internet Explorer, e-mail accounts on Gmail, but also on other platforms approved by his buyers, and for multimedia content this smartphone offers access to Google Play or Samsung Hub, and many other useful applications, thus any buyer can access Samsung Apps Google or even play. So here's how easy it is for anyone to get all the applications they need.

These are a few reasons why you need to have this very powerful smartphone, and on this blog you can find many details about pre-orders, specs, and other more useful tips about it.

Cheapest Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Standards are set high enough by the laste year record volume of sales by the Samsung Galaxy S3, a level that is likely to be exceeded by this new smartphone, given the great interest of the buyers to them. Today the largest carriers in the U.S. have provided the latest information about this smartphone for all who want to have this very powerful device.
In nowadays, large carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have already on their official websites sections for pre-orders with the lowest prices. Price varies depending on the specifications of this very powerful device and the duration for which the buyer is determined to conclude a contract with a carrier.

At AT&T preorders are priced at $199 for a two-year contract, while a smartphone outside this contract is no cheaper than $639. Sprint will have data  release on April 27 th, and for this amazing smartphone you will have to pay only $149 for the 16GB version, or just $249 for the 32GB version.

At U.S. Cellular pre-orders are available for just $200, while at T-Mobile preorders will begin on April 24 th, for a price of only $149 and a monthly cost of $20 for two years. Details on prices and availability on Verizon, the largest carrier in the U.S. still you do not have, but probably they will be available soon.

Samsung will deliver this amazing smartphone in more than 50 countries only next month, and in over 150 countries in the coming months and is distributed worldwide through a network of more than 327 carriers, the south korean company Will shipp just over 10 million units by the end of April.

Cheapest Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4
Official statistics say that Galaxy S4 will sell over 10 million copies monthly, following the first 3 months to sell over 30 million units. Everyone expects S4 to be better than the S3, since it has a much nicer design, it is capable of more complex performing and has many special and unique features than the previous version.

Anyway, for now Samsung Galaxy S4 has a great advantage over two great competitors of his, HTC One and iPhone5, so the high expectations for it are justified.

Verizon release date for Samsung Galaxy S4

So far Verizon has confirmed that it will have release data for this smartphone in early May, so anyone interested in this very powerful device will wait only a few days until finally will have this last generation device.
Compared with other competitors carriers, Verizon has chosen to provide very little information about this smartphone with 5 inches display and 1080p resolution. This was the Verizon's strategy until yesterday when officially confirmed they will have in early May this very powerful smartphone, on the official Verizon website there is even a section where interested buyers can ask for more details.

However, up to now, pre-order from Verizon are not yet available for Samsung Galaxy S4, while other sites like Amazon has preorders for more than a week.

3 other competitors carriers : AT&T, U.S. Cellular and Sprint have this smartphone on pre-orders at the moment, while another large carrier, T-Mobile, is satisfied with the announcement that on April, 24th, will have the release date for Galaxy S4, possible before the other major carriers.

Verizon release date for Samsung Galaxy S4
So far at T-Mobile release date is April 24th, April 27th at Sprint and April 24 th at AT&T.

This means that Verizon would be the last carrier to offer this smartphone since announced that this will happen in the first days of May.
 Other rumors also say that in the same period at Verizon will reach other high performance smartphones like HTC One, Lumia 928 or Even Motorola X, so competition has just begun.

Galaxy S4 is already shipped in 10 million units

According to preliminary data for the first month after its launch, this smartphone will be shipped in more than 10 million units, which shows great success enjoyed by the latest generation smartphone.
The data say that Samsung Will shipp only in May more than 10 million units, while in the next three monts, it will shipp another more 30 millions, Which represent such huge figures in a short time, so the south korean company has a very good chance to achieve in 2013 also a huge volume of sales.

Also, formal technical reports point out that Samsung has a great advantage over the competition because they produce many of the components of this smartphone alone, the risk of recording delays in supply stores beeing so very small.

Galaxy S4 is already shipped in 10 million units
Galaxy S4 was released on March 14 th, it has a full HD screen of 5 inches, AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and a pixel density very high, 441ppi, two proccessors variable by geographic area that is delivered, so a 1.9 Ghz quad core Snapdragon proccessor in some regions or 1.6 Ghz octa core Exynos proccessor in other regions, 2 GB of RAM and it Will be available in 3 variants: 16 GB storage capacity, 32 GB or even 64 GB. It has two cameras: a 13 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera that allows the buyer to make complex settings such as simultaneous use of the two cameras, eraser camera cinemagram, cinema photo, and more.

For the latest rumors, specs and tips for pre-order this smartphone, you can check this blog daily.

Galaxy S4 prices in the U.S.

This latest smartphone promises to be one of the most successful devices of the year 2013, excelling both on the software and hardware improvements.
Until now we did not have all the details about prices or release date for all the major operators in the U.S., but we know that this amazing device will be available, in general, for a starting price of just $199 for the 16GB version.

T-Mobile will sell the smartphone starting April 24th for just $149 and another $20 monthly payments for two years, riching a subtotal of $480 or $629 in total.

AT&T has offered so far the details of this latest generation smartphone, had already officially announced on its official website that the 16 GB model can be pre-ordered for $199 and the 32GB model for $249.

Rumors about Sprint say that this carrier will begin selling the new smartphone in April, 27th for a price of $249 on a two year contract, while new customers who are heading to this carrier from another one will pay only $149, this price been very small to attract more buyers for become their customers.

Galaxy S4 prices in the U.S.
As for Verizon, official information are less too, but it is not a surprise that Verizon, the largest carrier in the U.S. adopt such strategies often without notifying about prices or the date on which this smartphone will be available for sale, however, official sources confirmed that inside confirm it will sell this smartphone.

U.S. Cellular, known as the second carrier in the U.S., has adopted a similar strategy to those from Verizon, not giving so far too many details, but confirmed it would sell in the same conditions this amazing smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for pre-order in U.S.

Interested buyers can pre-order this latest smartphone from AT&T in very good conditions, so for this they have to pay only $199 with a 2 year agreement with AT&T for the 16 GB version.
In less than 2 weeks this smartphone will be shipped, so we still have to wait until you have the opportunity to enjoy all his special specs.

AT&T officially announced the price of $249 for the 32GB version, but so far only the 16GB is available to pre-orders.

T-Mobile, US Cellular or regional carriers also have the Galaxy S4 available to pre-orders, and now the battle to gain more customers has began, because every major carriers in the U.S. is coming up with attractive packages for its customers.

So you still have to have a little patience, because if you pre-order now this smartphone, you still have to wait about two more weeks until it will be delivered to you.

On official pages of all major carriers are tabs for pre-order S4, here is an example that contains the pre-order page from U.S. Cellular: a 360 panorama of the smartphone's in the desired color, white frost or black mist, a 16 GB storage capacity, a few other details about the two-year contract that you have to sign when pre-order the device for just $199, the device that is expected to be shipped in the first days of May.

U.S. Cellular offers his buyers a bonus consisting in flip covers with a custom transparency window for the display portion which allows to be seen easily all the notifications received by the buyers.

Here's just one example of the benefits that you can get when you pre-order the smartphone, and on this blog you'll also find other useful informations in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available starting next week at Sprint and T-Mobile

Two of the largest carriers in the U.S. have made today a very important announcement for their buyers: next week this latest generation smartphone will be available for all buyers at carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile who offered first thisofficial announcement.
At Sprint preorders will be available starting tomorrow and the same smartphone in the 16 GB version, Will be available from April 27th for the $249 price.

Galaxy S4 at T-Mobile could be acquired starting April 24th, but this carrier hasn't yet announced a day from Which it Will start taking preorders, anyway, for those who want to make great deals in this period of time, you could ask to benefit from the new Choise Plan available at T-Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available starting next week at Sprint and T-Mobile
Unlike Sprint and T-Mobile, AT&T has already started to take preorders and this new smartphone will be available for sale from April 30th. The others big carriers like Verizon still has not officially announced any plans for the sale of S4, but we already know that Samsung has officially announced several on several occasions that by the end of the month, this new smartphone will reach all the major carriers, so very probably to Verizon, too.

My advice to you is to check all the offers before buying this high-performance smartphone, to learn how you can benefit from substantial bonuses at preorders.

TOP 5 Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

TOP best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is continued in this post with other 5 special and unique features of this amazing smartphone that can be preordered starting April 16th at T-Mobile and AT&T or from other online sites like Amazon.
Photo Cinema is the best feature that allows you to view directly from your smartphone your favorite movies at an amazingly good image quality, but mostly Cinema Photo helps you realize all kinds of animations and special effects, for example it can shoot and highlight a photo , underline those elements and areas of the photo that are important for them to be admired for all your friends. Because of this particular feature, you can remove some elements of an image that you simply dont want by using this special features that this smartphone has.

Other special features that you have to remember from this top is group play and gaming group, which allows buyers to turn their smartphones in speakers, which then function as a performante stereo device. With group play feature all connected devices can, for example to sing the same song that was shared between them, or other multimedia in that way.

Shot Eraser can be used to delete the photos you dont want or some unwanted persons from decor, that do not fit with the important moments in your life that are photographed. Think about how this particular feature is useful when shooting your child learn to walk or when you leave school and the decor includes elements that spoil the good memories, well, with this special and unique feature you do not have to worry about this any more.

The photo reader application automatically reads data in any language from a card, without having to stop being forced to make settings in this matter or to make backups for important data that you need, simply launch this application for any photo, from any language, and it would be translated instantly in your native language.

Story album is the last feature that i had included in this top, and it works this way: it can automatically sort all the photos that you shoot in albums, according to the date they were taken or depending on the location in which were photographed, then the album can be renamed and given a cover photo, so your holidays and all the good times are easy to find and organized very simply by this special feature of the Galaxy S4.

Here we have another 5 reasons for you to preorder this amazing smartphone, but not until you read more about it on this blog.

TOP 4 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

This item from series the best features of this amazing smartphone, contains another four special features that makes it special and so desirable to tens of millions of customers, more precisely nearly 76% of the respondents to a survey recently conducted on this topic.
Air View is such a special features that allows users to change the way the icons appear, to switch between different previews thumbnails or capture a video scene or the content of an email that has just entered inbox while running another application on the smartphone.

S translator translates all sorts of documents, emails, sms or any other content in user's desired language, an option that can be very useful in tourism, when, for example, you want to get instructions and do not know the native language of a particular geographic area. It works very much like google translator that can translate even voice inputs, including from one language into another, so it can be used including for conversations and dialogues.

TOT 4 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4Another very useful feature is the buyer'S Health, which provides options for improved health markers such as calories lost through walking a certain distance, measuring pulse or blood pressure, the temperature of the environment or in the buyer's room, humidity, etc..

Last special feature from this top is watch on video, which works like this: the Galaxy S4 smartphone via infrared port can function as a remote control, but through S4 it can be made much more than simply changing the settings of the TV channels, watch online video search allows to be seen specific content from Samsung hubs or video stores simultaneously  with tv schedules consulting.

Here we have these four more reasons for you to preorder this great smartphone.

TOP 3 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Today, April 16th was the release date for this latest generation smartphone, the big day when carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile have started to take preorders. Preorders can be taken on other sites like Amazon, and more information about these preorders can be found here on this blog.
For start i will describe the dual camera of this latest smartphone that enables front and rear shooting or recording simultaneously at a resolution of 2 MP or 13 MP. This special feature allows, for example, to shoot someone's birthday and happy expression of your face at the same time. Moreover, this particular feature allows you to choose a template and made effects with photos, so you can get blurred photos, oval or other special effects to give even images or videos more artistic effects.

TOP 3 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4
Smart Pause and Smart Scroll are other special and unique feature of this amazing smartphone that will allow users to use the phone for example, with one hand or to save battery when the smartphone is not in use for certain time periods. Think about how nice it is to browse the pages of a document without touching the smartphone's screen and do not miss your favorite movie scenes when your attention is distracted.

With Air Gesture or Smart Call Accept, you can just answer the phone when making a gesture to activate the speaker in the same way, think about how this feature is useful when you drive the car and have to answer an urgent call. With the Smart Gesture you can do other settings too, you can adjust the volume or open more tabs, so here's how innovative are these special features of the Galaxy S4.

Most important: