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T-Mobile: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Having a market of 33 million U.S. customers, T-Mobile is known as 4th major american mobile carrier, and  it's engaged in the race of bringing Samsung Galaxy S4 in USA as soon as possible.
Even that soon after the release day of S4 in NY, many US mobile operators announced that this last generation smartphone will arrive very quickly in hands of american citizens, until now none of these didn't bring S4.

T-Mobile pre-orders for Galaxy S4

T-Mobile: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
One of the critical moments for each mobile operator is determined by the launching of every new smartphone that will be released on public markets by the biggest vendors, in our case: Samsung. T-Mobile USA is preparing the release day of S4 with prices strongly related to others U.S. competitors, and this is a critical step to be competitive on market.

T-Mobile prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 aren't officially communicated, yet. But thinking and  making a short analize of the history of other release mobile products by this mobile carrier and others, we can make some predictions. So, starting prices for an unlocked version would be arround $800, for a bundle wouldn't be over additional $100, and yearly plans would be arround $249 - $299.

T-Mobile - S4 release day

None U.S. mobile carrier announced an official date for the release day of Galaxy S4, but usually in a month after the first official release organized by Samsung, every new launched smartphone arrive in hands of people in maximum a month. Even the major U.S. mobile carriers officially communicated that SGS4 will be released in second quarter of 2013, we expect it to be available for sales in the middle of April, or maximum at the beginning of May.

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