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How amazing is Samsung Galaxy S4! I want it!

For those who thought Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone, expectations were far exceeded, given the extraordinarily wide range of his technical features, between you and me, more than promised and announced before the launch. However, if anyone can reproach something, then this is the fact that sales, meaning pre-contracts are under the expected level. If you are a keen buyer only after his hardware features, you found what you have wanted, but if you want to establish how companies set a new pace for innovation, then you have to look elsewhere than Samsung Galaxy S4.

Passionate gamers are already very satisfied with the options offered by the eye scrolling, moreover, this phone is also a bridge to the next generation of TV, and Samsung is well known for releasing very intelligent television. Technical specialists in the field say even that this smartphone will be a serious competition for the new Xbox or Playstation.

The micro official website of Samsung has mentions that this phone even suggest buyers, using different programs based on experience and historical use of that buyer, thus giving it, depending on your preference, schedules for running various programs, even initiate them after running default software.

Moreover, it allows even remote connections, remotely, on television or for making other settings, such as the speakers. So we alreday have seen that this new smartphone had integrated many cutting-edge technologies, even before the launch, many comments were related to camera features. My question is how using the camera through gestures will revolutionize the existing technologies.

Being able to configurate the phone without physically touching it, Samsung has gone far before his main competitor, Apple. However, with this great high processing power, similar to the desktop, but occupying so little space in your pocket, this device only opens future for making it a very desirable device, and I personally advise you to buy this phone.

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