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Prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK

For greater clarity i must do the following warning: prices vary greatly depending on how you decide to have this amazing phone: it is more expensive SIM free and much cheaper when it comes to a contract for at least two years, this applies to all mobile operators.
Many official announcements have given on April 26th, for the day when Galaxy S4 will be available in the UK, now remains to be seen whether the promises will be kept, given the high demand of the people for it and their eagerness to have this amazing phone as soon as possible.

Daily on this blog you will find the latest information about this phone, prices and pre-orders, about the best deals that you can do at this time, some operators even gaving potentials clients the opportunity to earn substantial bonuses, which is the loyalty policy of those who want to gain more clients during this period.

Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 in United Kingdom
If you want to make a deal with Carphone, then an unlocked Galaxy S4 will not be earlier than 26 th April, and it will cost about £630 without contract. For a monthly contract of £40 the price of the phone cheapens a lot.

EE payments varies between £270 with 24 monthly payments of about £30, for these contracts you would have 4G options included. Contracts concluded for periods of one year monthly payments are doubled to £60, but the amount paid at the beginning is just £100. In these posts here you will find details about prices and other operators.

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