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Fresh news and rumors about Samsung S4

Telephony engineers and scientists in the field, they all are expecting the 14th March, 2013 launch to be a surprise and a delight for everyone.

The race between smartphones competitors has just begun, bacuse with each new release or launch bar is even higher than before. Samsung Galaxy S4 must first overcome its earlier versions (Samsung Galaxy S1, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3), and then to keep up or exceed similar products from Apple.

The latest version of Android that will run with, is a good news for all users, whose life would be?easier with each new setting introduced by Samsung for his products and devices. All these new features are making the devices more accesible and frindly for users.

Now we all wonder what other innovations it will bring? Smartphone's market offers a lot of choices and competition is fierce in the field. Every little detail counts and can make a difference, a difference of a few billion earnings for manufacturers or producers. From this new Samsung's camera, we all expect better quality images, and Svoice technology to bring the phone to the latest technology level.

Samsung has already attracted the attention of billions of prospective customers for this phone, all are expecting now to pass the 7 days left until launch. In the second week of April, 2013 the device will already be sold in Europe.

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