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Samsung S4 in Time Square

Samsung has confirmed that the launch will take place next week in New York, Time Square market, which is supported by the appearance of huge posters in that area.

Those posters remind all passers the slogan "Be ready 4 the next Galaxy", increasing so the suspense in the 5 days left until the big release on 14th March, 2013 of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung has planned to sell about 100 million units of the new phone, and I think the book was very well played by the company. It remains to be seen what new technologies it will be equipped with, and if the business plan is viable and feasible in those conditions.

Nobody yet knows the exact specifications of the smartphone, but there were enough leaks that we can almost certainly say that the phone will have: a full HD dispaly, Jelly Bean Operating System, a better processor than Samsung Galaxy S3, 2GB of RAM, and up to 64 GB storage capacity.

Design and aesthetics are still marked by some uncertainty, but we know that most likely would have flexible screen, a 5 inches diagonal,and eye movement recognition functions with applications in scrolling or changing the pages in a document without physically touching the keyboard or a menu of your phone.

Most important: