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S4 will have AMOLED display

After so many rumors I've heard in the last weeks about this release, just 5 days before the big event, I have some certainty about some technical specifications. Thus, we know almost certain, at this point, that the screen will have a 5 inches diagonal, and will be made usinng AMOLED technology.

What will AMOLED bring to the new Samsung Galaxy S4, here is the answer: AMOLED is actually active matrix organic light emitting diode, and is a technology used to manufacture mobile displays, tablets and even televisions.

More specifically, some organic compounds are used to form an electroluminescent light, which create a much better image quality and a very low power consumption. Therefore, this technology has two major advantages: higher quality images for better display, and very low energy consumption, so not only this is a modern technology, but is also eco friendly for the environment.

The devices equipped with AMOLED display consumes less energy than older LCDs and has the colors more vivid, more beautiful, and more intense. Given the intention of Samsung's team, to equip his devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with flexible and resistant to tearing and cracks screens, or even transparent screens, but with a very high resolution, this technology is welcome!

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