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Hands on Samsung Galaxy S4

We have improved this post on this subject, because after launching the phone on March 14th, we have obtained all the information about the facilities it has and so it was necessary to adjust the article. However the phone comes with a huge screen, a camera very much improved, very powerful and fast processor and the size is about the same as Samsung Galaxy S3.
Many people will be tempted to highlight the differences between earlier versions of Galaxy and this phone, considering that plastic housing remained a constant in all versions. Now, this phone has a metal line around the screen that gives it premium quality, even if the rest casing is still made from plastic.

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S4
Even before his launch, many of its technical specs leaked by sources, and many have proven to be very true, however only the technical specifications are not worth anything if they are not a package, so the natural question occurring now is: how much Galaxy S4 manages to surpass its previous version, Galaxy S3, and especially how much manages to surpass the competitors phones? Depending on the response, we can forecasts the sales that Samsung will have, as well as those concerning the leadership position of the South Korean company.

Samsung has introduced this phone since its launch as a mobile improved in 4 main areas: better camera, connect much better with others, improvements to health and wellbeing of the customers, simply done to facilitate and improve the lives of his customers. I believe that this perspective is a bit exaggerated, but it must be recognized that Galaxy S4 improved almost every specification compared to its previous versions.

Most important: