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Galaxy S4 with 3D video and photo features?

A few hours ago came the second part of the video teaser that prepares the New York launch that will take place on 14th, March 14th, 2013, in Time Square!

My curiosity is if it was made with 3D effects, to keep up with technology in the field, because I've seen these special effects out of the box in which the main character Jeremy keeps the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

However, today was released its first official image, which did not let us see too much of the housing contour or case, nor any information on performance that it can achieve.

Samsung speculates much this lauch day and wants to enjoy all the attention from the most anticipated product release of the company's portfolio.

I still think to check if this second teaser video for this smartphone contains 3D effects, because I am a huge fan of them, and using them to launch a new phone would be a first. I wonder if the camera will have settings that allow viewing or taking shots subsequently to produce 3D projections, I hope it will happen soon enough.

Most important: