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The release day of Samsung Galaxy S4

On 14th March, 2013 the new smartphone will be launched. It will definitely live up to the expectations and even more, from my point of view, the speculation about its technical specifications are a little more different.

Unanimity would be if the processor, which is said to surpass the competition in the field, the foto/video camera, the working memory (RAM) and storage capacity (internal for apps and native). All will be superior from previous versions, definitely. For exemple, this smarphone will probably have: 2 GB of RAM (most people expected and hoped at 3GB of RAM), and starting from 16 GB storage capacity, at least 13 Mpx for camera and quadcore CPU.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a little similar to S3, but more efficient and more ergonomic. The color palette which will be available is larger than before. The display will remain a great asset in buying, and the Android Operating System will definitely not be updated very soon.

So how many days are left until the much anticipated release?

Most important: