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Cricket: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

After each day, the tension is increasing in the race of first U.S mobile carrier that will release to american people the most wanted smartphone of the year!
So, with a market of 5.8 million customers, Cricket Wireless can't permit to stay away from the strong competition for releasing the new Galaxy S4! People have became crazies about S4, and prices over the Internet for pre-orders rises veri high, up to $1340, but, let be honest, to offer more than $1000 for S4 is too much! So, I recommend you to wait a little more time for mobile carriers' offers.

Cricket: pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Cricket: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
The most realitic and honest price for this smartphone is arround $850, with a 50 bucks margin (plus or minus). So, Cricket will stay arround this price for an unlocked  Galaxy S4, as well as all its competitors, if it cares about (it want to keep) customers. Accessories for a bundle wouldn't go over $100 and yearly plans would start from $249, maybe $199.

Anyway, the first weeks after the Cricket release day for S4 will be critical, because in that period will be recorder the hugest sales for this smartphone, and this mobile carrier knows that these moments will be vital for "S4 business".

Cricket release day for S4

Many rumors can be found on the Internet, but it seems that the end of April or the beginning of May would be the most probable period. Also, some people said that the middle of April would be the release period for all major U.S. mobile operators. Anyway, certain is that many mobile carriers announced a specific release period for the second quarter of 2013, but none of them didn't mention a month.

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