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Practical and useful applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4

As a result of collaboration between Samsung and Visa, after buying this phone you will be able to make secure payments with your phone, which can become a very secure payment tool. PayWave application that is included in the phone's menu allows you to make secure payments without a validation code from various networks for payment mechanisms.
Also, if you want to install other applications from other vendors on yout phone, you can do so without problems by installing them on the phones or directly by activating Bluetooth function. Samsung Galaxy S4 has improved the keyboard too compared with the Galaxy S3, now it is much easier to use, with the autocomplete function, that predicts the words that the user intends to write, saving time.

Galaxy S4 has already surpassed all other products from Samsung, having the best media applications; with such a performant video player, a full HD screen with AMOLED technology, allows you watching movies in excellent quality.

Video channel contains personal materials and downloadable materials, all in one place, that can be viewed at a very good quality on this screen with 5 inches. Experience is stunning, because all phone's features are superlative: large display, contrast and excellent color palette. Browsing through phone menus is easy, bacause all phone functions are intuitive and have share option to download and share with other phones various materials without barriers.

Practical and useful applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4
This smartphone can be connected and the TV even remorely, if the device is turned on. Another interesting feature of the Galaxy S4 is mirroring that works this way: you send or display any of the phone's screen on another device, the TV or other devices that are compatible with Samsung. However, this feature was not introduced now, it has being found in Galaxy S3, too, the difference would be that it is better implemented in Galaxy S4, having greater speed and accuracy of the image.

In terms of internal storage capacity, Samsung release the three versions from which any buyer can choose: 16 GB, 32 GB or GB. My guess is that these storage capacities are still higher than anyone would ever need for a portable device like the smartphone. However, for users who need a bigger storage capacity, you can expand it and having even more storage capacity, this can be done with an expandable battery, another great idea from the producers who thought at everyone's needs.

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