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The latest news on Galaxy S4

Many rumors about the launch of the new phone, increased the curiosity of the clients for the launch of this product on 14th March 14, 2013, and the event will be broadcast live on YouTube Channel.

Samsung has already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 display will be flexible, which means that after the release (less than 7 days until tle launch) this smartphone will be unique.

This flexibility will give the phone strength and durability, greatly facilitating the work of the service stations. Flexibility is given by the new technology wich will be incorporated in Galaxy S4, technology that is more advanced than LCD technology.

This flexible screen called Organic Lights Emitting Diode will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or more and it will have at least 5 inches, already entering the territory of the Galaxy Note.

However, it is expected that with all this new specifications, it will compete with Iphone 6.

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