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What to expect from Samsung Galaxy S4

What can we expect from the most anticipated smartphone of the year? Improvements over improvements. Samsung has managed at Mobile World Congress to draw all the attention, eclipsing other famous companies like Nokia, Asus, Sony, Apple, etc., announcing the launch in New York on 14th, March, 2013 of a new Galaxy S series phone.

The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will take place right in Time Square, information within the company confirming that this new phone will have extraordinary performance.

According to Samsung's representative who made the launch announcement that will take place next week, the smartphone will have functions for eye movement recognition for turning pages or scrolling them without touching the device.

Since I can not technically explain how this technology works, I look forward the next week launch. In the battle with Apple, Samsung seems to have taken some advance, iPhone 5 launching in late September, this year.

The question that is on everyone's mind is whether Samsung will be able to make this smartphone (Android) yet another leap forward, for overcoming strong competitors like Apple or HTC. I trust Samsung will not disapoint.

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