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S4's price and latest news

With Android operating system designed specifically for mobile devices equipped with touchscreens, Samsung's phone had record sales, customers are attracted not only by modern design of those, but also by high performances achieved by the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S4 created much excitement before its release, specs like AMOLED, active matrix organic light emitting diode full HD creating great expectations among buyers, and I expect it to be the best selling product in the history of mobile phone so far.

According to some technicians, in Uk its price will be around 499 pounds for the device equipped with 16 GB. This price will be a little higher in European countries, and in the U.S. the price will be around $599.

After all the pleasant surprise from Samsung, both software and hardware, millions of buyers expects the 14th March, 2013 launch with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, among them me too. I can not wait to have this phone in my hand and try all the settings for fun or for business.

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