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Fastest phone on the market: Galaxy S IV

It have already achieved the highest score on the market, ever given to a phone with this technical specifications, now it only has to remain leader for a long time, probably until the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 (who knows)?

Technicians in the field have compared the performances, speed and best performing mobile applications on the market, and currently Samsung Galaxy S4 is a leader. Basically, it's score exceeded 500 points next class, HTC One, as in the case of Google Nexus 4 and earlier model from Samsung, Galaxy S3. Even greater was the score that exceeded Galaxy S4 at the expense of his main competitor Apple, iPhone 5, which, according to the same tests, got only half of the total accumulated by the just released smartphone from Samsung. The results are certified by the authorities in the field that made several official rankings.

However, the biggest advance achieved was in speed, raising so the question of whether the phone will have sufficient settings for all cooling needs fot all that processing power.

As regarding the two versions of the two processors that Samsung will have, Snapdragon 600 for United States and Exynos for the rest of world, experts say that between the two there will be no significant differences in terms of their performance. It remains to be seen how the two will be received by the two different markets on which they will be launched on.

Both Samsung and HTC uses Snapdragon 600 processor for their phones, but the difference is that Samsung's processor has 1.9 GHz, with an enhanced version of the Android OS, while HTC's processor has just 1.7 GHz. Samsung has a negative statistics regarding current buyers desire to remain loyal clients in purchasing another phone from the same company, only 70% from existing clients of the South Korean company, express their desire to remain customers of the same companie and the desire of buying the next phone from Samsung. Which category you belong, that of those who wish to remain buyers from Samsung? I register myself here.

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