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Verizon: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Since S4's release from New York, many US mobile carriers announced a strong competition starting with pre-orders at SGS4.
All major mobile operators promised to the american people that soon the fans will can pre-order a Samsung  Galaxy S4 smartphone, but none offered an exactly date!

Verizon pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Many SGS4 fans are looking closely to Verizon Wireless, because this mobile carrier used for many years, to create great deals for new smartphones, usually at the lowest costs on the american market. Also, many people are expecting to meet the cheapest price for Samsung Galaxy S4 at Verizon for yearly plans, bundles and unlocked smartphones.

Prices at Verizon Wireless

Prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon
Until now nobody made an offer, but if you are looking on the internet about prices for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 and if you are doing a shortly research about the starting prices from Verizon in the past for each new high end release smartphone, then we can have some realistic expectations.

It is definitely clear that S4 is a little more expensive that any previous released Galaxy smartphone. So, the price for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 for american markets is estimated between $800 to $900, and also, is expected for Verizon Wireless to introduce S4 on US market arround $799.

For a Samsung S4  bundle the costs would not go over additional $100, and for yearly offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 price would start from $299.

Release date at Verizon

Also, as in the entire world, we don't know an exactly release date, but if you are looking in the past, we can anticipate that it is placed in the middle of April, 2013 and it will bring S4 in hands of american fans. Anyway, the maximum expecting time is the end of April, or the first date of May.

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