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Galaxy S4 - Hands On!!!

I can not wait to get my hands on this phone, I look forward to be released on 14th March, 2013, this will be done under the slogan "Are you ready 4 the next Galaxy"?

Samsung Galaxy S4 will look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it will have bigger and improved display. Touching will feel more like Galaxy S3: compact look, sleek, modern and firm lines, well defined, warm, without sharp corners, light in weight, high precision, bright, clear, easy to handle, portable, fashionable, thin.

The extraordinary 5 inches display, with such a high resolution, is a sign of a very good performance from top premium devices. The screen size and the phone size overall, his menus, settings, they all are quite similar to those of the previous version launched last year. All these features proved their efficiency and agreeability, because it was the best sales phone in its category.

Galaxy S line has sold more than 100 million units, 40 million for Samsung Galaxy S3, number that will surely be passed by the version which will launch next week.

Its look:

I look forward to take pictures with the 13 MP camera and create panoramas pictures with their new technology integrated, then send or share these materials on social networks, to all my friends and family.


I want to test the updated Android operating system, I want to enjoy full HD quality video, I want to play my favorite games, I want to test the 3D capabilities and the performances of the new 2 GHz processor that the phone will have. So, as you can see, I can not wait to get my hands on this amazing smartphone that would be launched newt week, in New York, in Time Square. The market is already full of giant posters with slogan "Are you ready 4 the next Galaxy"? Samsung even released a video with a boy named Jeremy that had already seen the amazing Galaxy S IV. The event will be live broadcasted on Samsung's official channel on YouTube.


I am very happy with all Galaxy S models appeared on the market so far, because they are capable of high performances, even they are very light and slim. I want the weight to remain the same, and that modern and futuristic design to be kept.


At this point, I believe that Samsung is a leader in the field of smartphones, by the criteria performance and integrated technologies and by the criteria design and exterior appearance, and for all those reasons, I think the selling price is correct.

Being the most anticipated gadget of the year, Samsung Galaxy S4 will create serious problems in terms of maintaining the production to meet all demands.


The AMOLED display technology which could make this phone foldable and flexible, will exceed all Samsung's competitors.

Most important: