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AT&T: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

In United States, AT&T is one of the most powerful mobile carriers, that brings every new mobile devices on american market as soon as possible, usually it is winning the races with its competitors.
After the release of SGS4, at New York, on March 14th, 2013, all main mibile operators announced that pre-orders for S4 are comming soon, but now, none of them offered some certain prices for different offers (unlocked, bundle or yearly plans).

AT&T pre-orders for Galaxy S4

AT&T: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

With an 107 million american customers market, AT&T Mobility can't loose the start in the race competition for the first days release of S4. AT&T pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 should arrive in the front of US citizens from first day of the official release prepared by this mobile carrier.

Related to AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4, nothing is certain, yet. But if we are taking a look to the available prices for S4 on the Internet, then we can anticipate that the unlocked version of S4 will cost arround $800 - $850, an additional price of $100 for a bundle, and a starting price for yearly plans will be $249 or $299.

Release date at AT&T

Even nobody can't offer an exactly date, if we are looking to AT&T's history in relationships with the release dates of new last generation smartphones, we can anticipate that th most probable launching date for S4 into AT&T will be at the end of April or the beginning of May, 2013! More over, the most US mobile carriers confirmed the release day for Samsung galaxy S4 in second quarter of this year (but they didn't offered anything about which mounth).

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