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When can we buy Samsung Galaxy S4?

Galaxy S4 could be on sale sooner than we thought, if the rumors about some informations found accidentally after reading a document adressed to a store from New Zealand is true. The document described rules for a contest and describes how they are to give the winner a Galaxy S4 as award, so, judging by the fact that on April 9 in that regulation  is written that for the lucky winner a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone as a prize will be handed to him, that means that on middle of April, it could be brought from everywhere.
This new rumor fits with what is already circulating on some communication channels that announce the starting sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, right after the official launch tonight, and it will be available for sale starting with the 3rd week of April. It remains to be seen if this new release will register a better succes than Samsung Galaxy S3.

On a Korean forum has already appeared the first official image of Samsung Galaxy S4, image official recognized by the representatives leader in the production of smartphones, and just in a few hours we will all know all of his technical details. The novelty is the function that he will be equipped with: wireless charging technology, even some of his competitors already had this features (HTC or Nokia 920), unlike them, Galaxy S4 will have a bigger and a better battery.

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