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The impact of Smart Scroll & Pause Feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 over your health

I was searching on many websites, especially for streaming sites, to get some news about the impressive feature of S4 called eye scrolling.

Health fears

I heard some people, from New York and other important US cities, objecting about the "smart scroll and the pause feature" of Samsung Galaxy S4. Actually, some people are afraid about the impact of using the eye scroll function to them health, of course if you are using this feature for a long time. Them fear are related to the bad past stored by extreme passionate gamers, which sometimes experienced some difficulties to them real life in orientation tasks.

Other people are talking about some effects over the eyes and they are afraid about medical conditions, like the strabism. Hmmm... I'm tending to believe them, and I thing this function would be tested more time before to be implemented on the global market. Anyway, I will not use the eye scroll feature for a "safety time", to be ensured that my health will not be hurted.

Smart Scroll and Pause Feature

But let's take a look to a short demonstration of this impressive functions of Galaxy S4. I thing that the ideea of this feature is amazing, but I'm not yet convinced about the safety of using it:

Most important: