Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

The processor, wireless charging and networking for S4

The processor will be an eight core, probably an Exynos 5 improved by Samsung that is inspired by AMD, being the most powerful at the time. When the phone is not used at full capacity, the most powerful cores go into hibernation to save power.

New entry: the possibility of recharging the battery without physically connecting the device, this wireless charging will give a lot of autonomy and will revolutionize telephony industry, paving the way for running more complex applications in the future. The technology works like this: wireless power is combined with the signal, that allows the device to communicate with the charger.

Thus, in the near future, this technology could be used to remotely connect the phone to a speaker,or to listen to music wirelessly. For now Samsung Galaxy S4 could be charged wirelessly, which anyway is a step ahead of the competition. Another application of this technology would be to synchronize data, documents, photos, files, etc. to the smartphone.

Samsung will speed wireless connectivity, rumors speak of achieving even 802.11ac, which would be a significant improvement, also with Bluetooth and FM Radio capabilities. That's the 5G wifi product profile.

Supporting technologies at the highest quality standards, this smartphone will surpass what is currently available in the telephony industry.

Most important: