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S4 or HTC?

DO you want to have both phones, but you must choose just one? Make the choice beeing aware of these informations listed below. Gathering data is one very important step.

For start, you need to compare the lists of specifications of both phones, you have to do a top with their weaknesses and their strengths, and then give the verdict comparing all the data you obtained.

Anyway, the HTC launch seems to have missed the start, because on 14th March, 2013, in New York, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released, thus, HTC will not have enough time to draw as much attention, as Samsung had enjoyed already.

Trough this post I want to find out what has Samsung and doesn't have HTC, and I hope to help all the future buyers in making a decision.

In the recent years, Samsung had demonstrated an agressive advertising of his new products released, everyone finding their products and its technical specifications. Thus, Samsung has managed to become the greatest threat for Apple (for iPhone and iPad especially.

However, the choice is yours and will be made by the criteria of attractiveness for buyers. My decision is taken anyway, I'll buy myself next week a Samsung Galaxy S4, not a HTC, because HTC I already have.

Most important: