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Samsung Galaxy S6 Software will get some changes

Samsung Galaxy S6 Software will get some changes

Smartphone enthusiasts often criticize Samsung for creating the software on its handsets too heavy due to all the apps included. Some beneficial features are indeed integrated in Samsung’s customizations. However, some users are annoyed with the heavy load of the software and suggested the company to produce cleaner software. I am one of those who support the cleaner version of Samsung software. And these days Samsung will eventually answer our wishes. It makes some major changes to the software which empower Samsung Galaxy S6.

The handset will be accompanied by the Android, so there is no significant change on that front. But here is the thing I would like to highlight. Samsung will remove many of its pre-installed apps that make the handset heavy. You probably won’t see S Health and S Voice anymore right after purchasing. Instead, the users will be offered with the software through Galaxy Apps store.

One inevitable aspect is that Samsung will pre-install some of Microsoft Apps due to its recent agreement with the respectable company. You will be expected to see OneNote, OneDrive, and Office Mobile with free subscription. And those who love to web cam chat, Skype would be also pre-installed in the device.

Samsung will be adding more colors to the S6. Users will have broad choices for theming their phone. It also allows them to pick 4x4, 4x5, and 5x5 icon layouts for the application drawer.

Samsung confirmed this changes news in the Mobile World Congress 2015. The company will finally reveal its new generation handset. Many speculations have emerged but I have come with the conclusion that S6 release date might be on 22nd of March.

So for the software, it seems like Samsung has been making major improvements of its software. Acknowledging that 3 basic apps of Microsoft pre-installed in the Samsung Device lead me to another conclusion that Microsoft is having a big move right now. It also confirm what the CEO Satya Nadella stated about the Microsoft expansions for outer platforms.

Microsoft has released certain apps for iOS and Android since earlier 2014. This includes starting from Outlook Mail App to Skype chat messenger. The company itself is ready to invest $70 million to build its own version of Android, leading to another conclusion that Android would be apart from Google.

Installing Microsoft apps in popular and most awaited gadget like S6 can be a real deal for the company, of course in positive way. This will benefits the company a lot. However, Samsung would also receive benefits since Microsoft fans are getting familiar with pre-installed Microsoft apps in Android devices.

AnTuTu benchmark shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge main specs

AnTuTu Benchmark shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge main Specs

The Galaxy S6 leaked rumors have been tagging along. It is about just weeks left to the official revealing of Samsung next generation handset. Now I have such a benchmark result that hopefully will come real in the market.

As reviewed by both insiders and big fans of Galaxy series, there are no significant major surprises I have found. The listing claimed that the specifications’ rumors have been toughly leaked in the past. The display was expected 5.1 Inches 1440 x 2560 display, while the memory was around 3GB of RAM. Then there was 20 MP camera and the Exynos 7420 processor. The last aspect of the specification is an important factor.

It aids to conclude the speculation that Samsung will be sporting the 14nm Exynos processor instead of Qualcomm stuff. People who are fond of Qualcomm chip perhaps need adjustment of dealing with Exynos if it is confirmed to be true. Qualcomm itself claimed that it lost major clients for the Snapdragon Processor. However, Samsung still need Qualcomm existence to support the other versions of Galaxy.

I’d like to say the benchmark score is about 60,980. Of course benchmark scores are very flexible. They mean nothing for the handset enthusiasts. Come with slimmed-down OS, the fast Exynos 7420 processor can bring the nice and smooth experience that has so far evaded the Galaxy S devices. This can be the new breakthrough in the Galaxy series. However, nothing is to be claimed until S6 and S6 Edge are officially released.

The unavoidable situation occurred – the commencing S6 Edge has been captured sporting a pass via the AnTuTu benchmarking suite. As first, the S6 Edge model was SM- G925W8. Yeah, I know that is a lot of numerals and letters mashed up in the model name.

The next thing to discuss for the specs is the 5.1 inches display, Samsung would use Super AMOLED with super high resolution of 1440 x 2560 (576 pp), 32GB default internal storage, a 20MP Rear camera, an amazing 5 MP front camera. Speaking of which, most of the speculations that we think they are true about S6 Edge has gradually come to the real deal.

It is undeniable that the processor Exynos 7420 will give finer performance since it is improved compared to the older version 5433. That is obviously a welcoming news. The S6 Edge will be unpacked in the 1st March. It is just few short weeks away. So do stay tuned and prepare your pocket to purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - what we know about it?

Samsung Galaxy S6 - what we know about it?

On 1st March, Samsung is expected to launch the latest smartphone, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge (the curvier version - like a Galaxy Note Edge Mini). With all those speculations about the release date, some huge fans have been looking for the fact from many sources. But thanks to the Internet today, all things can be leaked through it and there are rumors about S6 revolving around.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are marvelously important for the company and everybody agree that it is the real iPhone competitor. The Galaxy S series contribute more worldwide sales than other phone come from the company. We can conclude that Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the top outstanding handset.

On the other side, Galaxy S6 Edge tend to be more about for the moment appearance than sales. If you notice it well, it appears almost similar in curve found on Note Edge.

Now, let’s go to the meat of the topic. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come in different form than their predecessors.

Unibody Design

Instead of using crummy plastic, Samsung would rather to choose all in on metal. The crummy plastic is undeniably attractive to the critics of the cons of purchasing Galaxy S phone. It seems like the company had the critic in mind and responded it in such way. I’ve researched about this over and over. Now come with this conclusion: the latest Handset tends to feature all-metal unibody design. Some sources even claimed that the design is closely similar to Apple’s iPhone.

If Samsung did the unibody design for the S6, it means that neither S6 nor S6 Edge would come with removable batteries. This could be the fatal downside for those who are fond of battery powers, more especially those who love to swapping in and out charged batteries.

Screen Size

Samsung decreases the S6’s screen size compared to its former handset slightly from 5.1 inches to 5 inches. The other site told about the increasing size from 5.1 to 5.2 and 5.5 inches. Again, I can’t decide which one is true.


Camera is not less important feature in each smartphone. Thus Galaxy S6 will come with either 16 MP or 20 MP cameras with OIS.


There are many rumors about the storage of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The phone users will anticipate the choice between 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of storage. That means you will have large enough space to store all your favorite multimedia files. It is crucial to consider, however, that the larger the storage you choose, the bigger amount you have to spend to purchase.

How About the Fingerprint Sensor?

Galaxy S6 will come with more developed fingerprint sensor that is better than Galaxy S5’s.

Most important: