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Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 only after a hands on experience!

Samsung already expects sales volume to exceed all estimations, taking the decision to open more minicenters throughout the U.S. in areas with major sales. These selling points will first appear only in locations with heavy traffic, according to official sources, their purpose being to meet the great demand for Samsung Galaxy S4.
These minicenters located in other specialized shops are visibly Samsung branded, and the best people in sales from Samsung will be placed at these points to demonstrate how all smartphones and tablets from Samsung work, thereby helping to highlight special specifications and innovative Samsung products they have.

It seems that these outlets will appear exactly at the time when Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for sale in the U.S., Samsung has not yet officially announced the date on which Galaxy S4 will arrive in the U.S., but AT&T has already announced that it will begin taking preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 16.

This idea to create outlets within existing Best Buy locations, is not new, it has already been implemented for a long time by its largest competitor, Apple. Giving prospective buyers the opportunity to test, touch and play with the electronic devices from Samsung, so with this smartphone Galaxy S4, before entering into a two years plan for a smartphone, for example, is a very good idea, especially for anyone who is fascinated by this amazing Galaxy S4, after the first few minutes of use, because it has features and applications for all categories of buyers.

This successful model was implemented and taken over by other companies in the field, proving a successful strategy for increasing sales.

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