Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

Preparation for the most anticipated smartphone in 2013

At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on 25-28 February 2013, Samsung has managed very well to attract all the attention to the launch that will take place tomorrow, 14th March, in New York, which will make a big public event where all the specialists and buyers will have full access.

At this stage everything is ready to the smallest detail, and the countdown has already begun, especially because Samsung Galaxy S4 is more expected than all other devices from Samsung, or from the competition, this been the credit of marketing departments that created so much waiting and effervescence, especially online, before launching this new phone extremely powerful, which can easily take the place of a laptop or a desktop system, in terms of complexity of the applications they have installed on it.

High-level representatives from Samsung expects achieving high performance from this phone at tomorrow launch in Times Square, and the success with which this phone is already rated is extremely high. On the Internet have already appeared, from unofficial sources, some video reviews for this phone.

One of the innovations that this phone will have is eyetracking, with applications for scrolling and turning pages around without touching the phone. The less advanced version was already been tested on Samsung Galaxy S3, that detects facial movements to conserve battery power when the screen is not dettecting movements of the eyes using the phone.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will be able to emulate HTC or Apple, I personally think this smartphone will be a great success.

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