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At New York Metropolis will be released the new Galaxy S4

All speculations and rumors about the latest new generation of smartphone I share with you today!

So, the bar has been raised very high by Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 which have already been designated as mobile of the year. The high level of rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a barometer of market interest for it, and the interest is very high...

On14th  March (the day of launching) will be as expected, I'm sure. It can not be otherwise, given the amazing specifications which will be provided. Forecasts are in favor of launching location for Metropolis New York and logic inspired confirm this choice, but the disappointment about the launch date will be for those in other time zones.

We could mention the fact that on 14th March will fall towards the end of the week. Some customers will likely feel their phones from Samsung are too fast averated, but that is technological advance.

The new model display is amazing. Resolution and pixel density on Samsung Galaxy S4 will be bigger than the Galaxy S3. However Samsung has opted for technology PenTile. What will this mean for customers? However the screen looks great, but if you're looking with a very high attention, you can distinguish the pixels.

About flexible display that manufacturers Koreans will come in 14th March, I would say that perhaps this technology will be embedded in Samsung Galaxy S5.

Delays are natural when you're dealing with technology and a large volume of orders, edge to edge display of this smartphone will bring us closer to reality and television.

Rumor even are that it will support a full HD dispaly. It remains to be seen.

Most important: